Blue Rose Character Utility

         This is an online script which creates a formatted character sheet. It automatically defines skill values: adding in the appropriate Ability score to the rank. However, it does no other automatic checking.


  1. Point your browser to the Character Editor and fill in as many of the fields as you like. It does very little rules checking currently -- the only calculation the script does is fill in skill bonuses. It adds the listed modifier (from race, feats, or whatever), your skill rank based on level, and the appropriate ability score.
  2. Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the editor, which will bring up a formatted character sheet of the character suitable for printing. You can preview what the sheet will look like by viewing the blank sheet below.
    Blank Sheet (Tamplate 1)
  3. You may save this display by simply hitting "Save" on your browser and saving the page as a plain HTML. In addition to the display information, that page has a hidden form with all the formatted character data which can be re-submitted for later editing.
  4. To further edit the character, bring up the page either directly or from the saved copy. Click on the "Blue Rose" logo to go back to the editor, where all the saved values will be shown.



  • For the future, I'd like to add additional templates for displaying the character sheet -- such as the format of DarkTouch's Blue Rose Character sheets.
  • The character sheet can be used offline only to a limited degree. You can simply save the display sheet as HTML, then edit the HTML directly using a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit. However, you must edit the display values and the saved data separately.
  • For those with some programming knowledge, I provide the complete source code as a zip file. These are Perl CGI scripts and a corresponding Perl module. If anyone wants to help contribute to this, please contact me by email at jhkim-at-darkshire-dot-net.


John H. Kim <jhkim-at-darkshire-dot-net>
Last modified: Tue Jul 5 18:19:00 2005