The "House Rules" Champions Game

This describes the Champions game entitled "House Rules", after Hawthorne House around which it is set. The PC's are a superhero group whose primary focus is opposing the machinations of The Enclave, a cell-based conspiracy which links itself to various cults (Satanic, pagan, and otherwise).

It is set in the "Mythic Heroes" world. In essence, I was trying a campaign which is simpler and more accessible than some of my previous campaigns. As I knew from the start, things become more twisted in execution, but I wanted a simpler base to start with. Specifically, I was looking for:

  1. Clear-cut Ground Rules:
    While there are a number of ideas I have, I would like this to be open to a round-robin format. On the one hand, that means that everyone has to be very clear on the ground rules and basics -- while at the same time there has to be a lot of room for leeway in the background.
  2. Lots of Action:
    Speaks for itself, I think.
  3. Palpable Evil:
    While there are lots of grey areas, more importantly there is a very clear set of "bad guys" - and beating them up is the right thing to do. In this game, these are Monsters - evil creatures which live inside of certain people (often called "shape-shifters").
  4. Increased Continuity:
    I hope to have more recurrent characters and situations than, say, the Star Trek campaigns or the Immortal Tales game. The Enclave is a continuing enemy (whom progress can be made towards defeating). In addition, I want to set a number of adventures around the House: a haunted center of operations for the group, which is often a target for Enclave plots or just create wierdness on its own.


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Hawthorne House

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