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Hawthorne House

Hawthorne House is a sprawling three story structure which covers nearly a quarter of a block in the North End of Boston, where the Tunnel Project is currently going on. It is located on the corner of Salem and ?? streets, near Old North Church. It now encompasses an inner garden, a two-story carriage house, and a single-story annex connected to reconstructed stone tower which peaks out over the top of the main house.

The House's ownership is held in an obscure trust fund dating back to the will of its builder executed in 1893. In practice, it is a small community of ten or more free-thinkers who prefer an anonymous and strange life over safe and rational.

The main building is two stories with an extensive attic. Connected to it are the carriage house (not shown on the current map) and the Tower (a one-and-a-half story building with a three-and-a-half story stone tower).

Current Inhabitants

True to the communal spirit of the House, there are many people living here. The human residents are listed below:

Common passers-by: Non-human Residents:


The House was founded in 1855, built by the young Jean-Claude Desroges, an idealistic and eccentric French aristicrat, and a former member of Brook Farm. He had joined Brook Farm upon its founding, much to the chagrin of his father Arsene. Originally, it was titled ``The New Phalanstery''. However, in 1864, following the death of his friend Nathaniel Hawthorne, Desroges had the place renamed ``Hawthorne House'', and had the number 64 placed over the door (much to the confusion of mailmen).

Jean-Claude Desroges continued an affluent living despite rumors of his family's growing poverty. After he disappeared and was presumed dead in 1893, he left behind a considerable some. His will left a fair amount of money to his grandson Gaston, but an unspecified amount more went to an obscure trust fund to keep the House a community of thinkers.

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