"House Rules" Episode Guide

``The Sacrifice''
Malagant and Templar arrive in this time (on March 17). A ritual is found and interrupted (March 20), but AJ is killed and Malagant and the Necron get away.
+25 `XP' (only for ``new'' powers/skills)
``The Reprise''
A month later, AJ reappears as a ghost. The others try to help her adjust and track down those responsible -- eventually Cypher starts a spell at her robbed gravesite, but she is summoned away to her body at Serenity Funeral Home. The demon there is made whole, but Cypher manages to bottle it while the others chase the Necron, who escapes.
+4 XP
Problems in the House surface, including a malevolent poltergeist, and an extradimensional gateway on the 3rd floor.
+2 XP (except Shade)
``The Wendigo''
A miasma of evil appears downtown (Saturday, April 27). Finding an afflicted woman there, they eventually bring her back to the House, where she reveals herself as a shapeshifter, releasing the demon Malara and disabling most of the others. (The Wendigo played by Liz Henry)
+4 XP (except for Templar, Shade)
``The Baron's Head''
Recovering, the Crusaders track down a gang led by a figure known as the Baron. They apparently take orders for drugs from a pay phone near their hangout -- this phone was identified by Cypher as the contact of a corrupt morgue worker. They defeat the gang and decapitate the Baron.
+5 XP (except for Shade)
``The Brotherhood of Freedom''
The timeline suddenly jumps to a possible future, where the players take on new PC's -- members of the Brotherhood of Freedom. They attack a MagCorp transport and steal a Nexus-8 android (this is a new PC for Cullen). After convincing it to help them, they break into MagCorp's Antiquities Division Gallery, where they destroy an alchemical artifact known as ``The Apparatus'' which has been used to aid the attacks of a terrorist group known as the Black Dawn.
+3 XP for Nexus only
``Nexus of Opportunity''
While Templar helps out in the more troubled neighborhoods of the city, Cypher and Animus investigate the Enclave. Templar ends up capturing a young knife-wielding girl, and eventually sends her off to juvenile hall. Animus and Cypher track Malagant leaving a flower shop, planting an intellected metal bug in the flowerbeds being transported out. While waiting for something to happen with the flowerbeds, the map points out an occurence by the Prudential building, which turns out to be a raid. At the gallery there, ``The Apparatus'' releases Nexus while both the Enclave and the Crusaders fight to be there.
+3 XP (except for Shade)
``Introducing Jaguar and Ghostbreaker''
Having found out that a mercernary was after them, the team began investigating in earnest. They eventually hooked up with another hero, Jaguar, who had fought Malarra and had her soul drained.
+3 XP (except for Cypher)
``The Operation''
A two-pronged operation against the Enclave -- (1) breaking into the morgue, where Malarra apparently interrogated the corrupt morgue worker, Jerry Rosen -- Templar, Nexus, and Dark Angel have a brief run-in with Malarra. Part (2) is breaking into Anwar's office in the MagCorp building, where they encountered the oracle demon. After the operation, Shade visited her family and was captured by Ghostbreaker.
+3 XP (except for Cypher)
``Shade's Return''
Anwar's ``death'' is investigated, while others tried to find a way to rescue Shade. Eventually, they set a trap for Ghostbreaker, in which he threatens the death of Cypher's sister -- but he is eventually captured. Afterwards, the group is divided over the issue of whether to kill him. (Originally, Morgana offered to show them about _The Invisibles_, but this was retconned away.)
+3 XP (except for Cypher)
``Another Trap''
The group sets another trap for the Enclave, this time creating a faux-demon to lure the Enclave into trying to recapture it. At first, they manage to lure in only another superhero, Windrider -- but later Brimstone shows up, backed up by a huge number of walking corpses. Windrider manages to knock him out, but he later escapes while Windrider and Jaguar are dealing with a demon he summoned.

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