This is a list of one-shot RPG scenarios which I have run or played in, either for running at conventions or just for with friends. Often the material isn't fully online.

Russell's Argh! Games
These are games run by Russell Impagliazzo, using the Argh! system.
A Thousand and One Nights
This is a GMless system where everyone makes up characters, and goes in rounds where one character will tell a story. That player then becomes the GM and assigns roles in the story to other players.
I've run some one-shot Amber games at AmberCon NorthWest, including "Princesses in Rebma" (using the Amber Diceless system) and "Big Trouble in Little Amber" (using Spirit of the Century).
Best Friends
This is a GMless system aimed at easy pick-up play, ostensibly about girlfriends and their petty (or not so petty) hatreds.
Bill and Ted's Heinous Mission
This is a one-shot Paranoia adventure, suitable for running at conventions or such. It is an anything-goes parody of various time travel schticks which pits Bill and Ted against the bizarre Paranoia future. I ran it twice with friends a while ago, and much later at the "Gateway 99" con in L.A.
Bonds of Steel
A Truth & Justice adventure about a superhero family, sort of a less vanilla reaction to The Incredibles. I ran it part-way with friends as a playtest, and twice at GenCon Indy '06.
Brawny Thews
An adventure for the D20-based Conan RPG, this was my experiment in combat-heavy dramatic gaming. It involves a set of six characters -- all brawny Cimmerians, but set centuries after Conan's time. They are captured and brought to the exotic Eastern city of Aghrapur.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Slayerbot Series
A series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG adventures that I have run at a few Bay Area conventions. The first was my original test of the Buffy RPG system. It is set amongst high school students in Santa Cruz -- and takes off of old fifties sci-fi movies (as opposed to Buffy's taking off of old vampire/werewolf/ghost stories).
Dead of Night
A horror genre "pocket RPG" designed for quick and easy pick-up play. I've run or played in a handful of scenarios.
Dogs in the Vineyard
I have done several short runs of Dogs in the Vineyard. "Dugway Canyon" was an original scenario for DitV which I ran at ConQuest 2005. I have also run several other towns, including "Boxelder Canyon" (from the book) and "New Gideon" (from online). Dogs is an extremely easy system to prepare for.
Extra Credit
This is a one-shot adventure using the Hero system which I have run a number of times over the years. The pregenerated PCs are all ordinary college students who undergo an unusual psychology experiment and become embroiled in a secret plot.
The Face of Angels
An indie story game about super-powered teens by Clinton R. Nixon, that I playtested at "KueiCon" in Oakland, January 2007.
Hellcats & Hockeysticks
An indie RPG about over-the-top "bad girls" at a fictional English boarding school - based on the St. Trinian's comics and movies. I've run several one-shots of this, which work great.
The Kobolds Adventure
This is a D&D adventure (now converted to 3rd edition). In most ways, it is a fairly standard dungeon crawl: a group of adventurers go into the caves of a kobold lair and try to wipe them out. The twist is that the PC's are the kobolds (!).
The Land that Time Forgot
This is a South-Seas pulp adventure done using the Hero system, with pre-made characters. The heroes are going to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
Macho Women With Guns
I ran a one-shot of this old-school tactical reverse-sexist game, with lots of humorous gags. It focused mainly on the system and the characters.
Mystery in Jarzon
A Blue Rose adventure set in the morally-ambiguous country of the setting, Jarzon. This was a simple one-off done as a test of the system.
On These Mean Streets
This is an adventure for the old Daredevils RPG which I put online a long time ago.
This is a GMless system where everyone takes turns on who is the opposition, which I've organized runs of several times at conventions.
I twice ran the old D&D modules Ravenloft and Ravenloft II as extended one-shot adventures. While I like the adventures a lot, I found the system and D&D baggage to be a great hindrance.
Shadows in the Fog
This was a playtest which I did for the alpha version of a new RPG written by Chris Lehrich.
Spirit of Serenity
A series of games set in the Serenity universe using the Spirit of the Century system. There was also a larp variant using the Parlor Larp system.
Star Trek: Blood Sacrifice
A Star Trek game using the characters of original series (i.e. Kirk, Spock, etc.), implemented in the HERO System. It was based on a very successful episode from my old Star Trek campaign.
Star Wars: Into the Jaws of Death
This is an off-beat adventure for the West End Games (i.e. d6) Star Wars RPG. I ran it at WisCon 21 (a feminist science fiction convention) in 1997.
Tolkien in the Old West
This was a short set of one-shots which I ran in college. It is set in a bizarre history where ships of elves from Middle Earth sail out of the Bermuda triangle in the 1830's and settle in America. The result is a quirky combination of western's and magic. It was originally done using the Spellcrafter system, a house system by Richard Garfinkle. I would probably use GURPS for it today.
Tyger, Tyger
A diceless game set in England of an alternate history where super-soldiers were first developed during WWII, created by Julian Morley.


Early One-shots

         As an interesting note, I ran a few games at conventions pretty early -- when I was 15 and 17. These I wrote and ran together with my friend Marc. I was on the East Coast and I went to the Origins game convention those years and we ran two tournaments each time.

"The Weird of Sathar" (Origins XI, June 1985)
A fairly straight AD&D dungeon-crawl, but with a rigorously worked out background. The dungeon was a ruined underground monastery which we mapped out first as a working institution.
"Murder on the Oriental Dragon Express" (Origins XI, June 1985)
A high-level AD&D spoof set on "Oerth's 800 ft. Organic Train System from Greyhawk to Gladsheim". It was a bit juvenile, but then so were we.
"A Tale of Two Cities" (Origins '87)
A peculiar AD&D tournament with two interesting features. It had two groups of PC's competing to share the same prize, and both groups consisted entirely of thieves (!).
"Bunnies and Burrows" (Origins '87)
A tactically-oriented B&B tournament, involving a push to rescue some fellow bunnies from a farmer's pen. It was pretty unsuccessful due to being scheduled early Sunday morning.


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