Star Trek: Blood Sacrifice

         This is notes on a convention game that I ran at KublaCon 2004. It was based on a very successful episode from my old Star Trek campaign from years earlier. The earlier campaign had used a homebrew, but this was something of a test of using the Hero System for a Star Trek game. Rob Bruce had put together a set of Trek Hero documents. However, for the most part I followed my own reasoning in creating the characters and stats.

Event Description (Long):
Captain's Log, stardate 7517.3. A Federation station in orbit around planet Neural has gone silent. Neural is in the Organian Neutral Zone, and by treaty the station is demilitarized and defenseless. Are the Klingons behind this, or is some other force at work? A Star Trek adventure heavy on role-playing and moral dilemma, using the Star Hero rules. Characters are provided.

System: Hero System
Category: RPG
Time: MON 9am (tentative)
Duration: 5 hours
Players: 6

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