My Life With Master

         This is a page about My Life With Master, described as "a roleplaying game of villainy, self-loathing, and unrequited love" -- released in 2003. It is available from Half Meme Press, the imprint of author Paul Czege. It has received very positive critical acclaim, although it remains a very small press release. The author reported 135 units of My Life with Master sold over its first four months, about half print and half PDF download.

Actual Play

         Thus far, I have GMed one campaign of MLWM -- which was a game with three players set in the mountain village of Roszakabad where Dr. Charlus plotted evil electrical experiments at the spa there. His experiments involved draining the electricity out of people to imbue power into others, but he came to a bad end during the visit of a French inspector general who represented Napoleon.

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