RPG Encyclopedia: French

10000$ Reward
1st ed by Herman Hunter (1989) Warlords Production
A French-language RPG set in the American Wild West, using a system intended to be "simple and effective". The basic rules (58 pages) includes only character creation, combat rules, a list of weapons, and a brief introductory scenario.
2089: Le Jeu du Tricentenaire
1st ed by Tristan Lhomme (1989) Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes
A French-language humorous sci-fi RPG, first published in issue #56 of the French gaming magazine Jeux & Stratégie. It is set in a future 2089 where characters are live-action roleplayers attempting to revive the French Revolution three hundred years later using a mix of muskets, laser pistols, and androids. Character creation uses random-roll attributes (2d6 each for Intelligence, Dexterity, Body and Appearance). Each attribute has three skills. For resolution, the player rolls from 2d6 to 4d6 depending on the difficulty, trying to roll under attribute or skill value. The game itself divides the reenactment into six sequences that mix historic events with futuristic twists and turns.
1st ed by Xavier Bottet (1992) self-published
A French-language space opera RPG, set in a galaxy controlled by a high-tech Church.
1st French ed by David Benoît, Sébastian Célerin, Mathieu Gaborit, Grégoire Laakman, Jean-Rémy Levin, Jean-Baptist Lullien, Stéphane Marsan, Xavier Spinat (1999) Multisim
1st English ed (2001)
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG, set on an original fantasy world: "Harmonde", by Mathieu Gaborit. The PC's are "Inspirés" -- imbued with magical powers by the Muses to fight the evil Masque which threatens the world. The PC's may be humans as well as minotaurs, sprites, dwarves, ogres, and other fantasy races. The system uses attribute + skill + 1d10 vs difficulty.
1st ed by Solo (1992) Éditions de la Lune-Sang
A French-language alien-invasion RPG, set in the modern world where horrific aliens have just invaded -- with a rather tongue-in-cheek tone.
Alter Ego
1st ed by Patrick Philip, Michel Philip, Eric Lautier, Bernard Jullion, Jean-René Jullion (1989) D3 Éditions
A French-language sci-fi RPG set in the 27th century. The name comes from a clan (Alter-Egos) of genetically engineered, telepathic twins who always operate together. Each pair also has an intelligent extraterrestrial companion animal (a gernaute), resembling a gerbil. Other clans include the argo nautes (criminals), astro nautes (pilots), cyber nautes (cybernetic technicians), docto nautes (NPC scientists), interco nautes (soldiers), secto nautes (missionaries), techno nautes (trade union of miscellaneous professionals). It uses a simple percentile skill-based system, including brief rules for robots and starships.
Alternatives 2.0
1st ed (1992) Presses Alternatives
A French-language universal system.
1st ed by Croc (1988) Siroz / Ideojeux
A French-language non-violent fantasy RPG, set in a fairly idyllic fantasy world with no metal where humans and animals live in harmony. Technology is largely done through symbiosis with various animals. Inspired by "La Planete Oubliee" by M. Leinster. The system is derived from Bitume. There are 10 attributes with point-bought skills. Action resolution is mostly percentile, and includes mechanics for social relations and intimidation (since violence is rare).
1st ed by Pierre Rosenthal (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
A French-language sci-fi RPG. It is set in a future Earth where a deadly mutagene agent created several very distinct ecosystems -- so different that only through mutations can people hope to survive traveling.
Aux Armes Citoyens!
1st ed by Coste, Bocquet (1988) Cubic 6
A French-language historical RPG, set in the French Revolution -- Monarchists against "Sans Culottes". It uses a fairly simple system with five attributes (2-12) and skills from +0 to +3. Action resolution uses 2d6.
Avant Charlemagne
1st ed by Francois Nedelec (1986) Robert Laffont Éditeur
A French-language historical RPG, set in the barbaric times before the coming of Charlemagne. That is, Europe ca. 400-700 A.D.
Les Aventuriers
1st ed by Laurent Ryder (1990) Stonehenge
A French-language modern-day pulp RPG, based on "Bob Morane" serie of novels published in the 60s-70s. It mixes sci-fi and fantasy in variout fantastic adventures. Originally published as text files on floppy disks.
Berlin XVIII
1st ed by Laurent Tremel (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
2nd ed (1995)
A French-language dark-future RPG, where the PC's are police in a nightmarish city's worst bourough (Sector 18). This had several releases, the first ones being part of the Universom line.
Binary RPG
1st ed by Bertrand Triplet (1988) self-published
2nd ed (1990) Les Silmarils
A French-language universal mini-RPG with minimalist rules that fit on a single page. Character creation is either point-based or random-roll attributes. It included an advertisement for a Hollow Earth setting.
1st ed by Croc (1985) self-published
2nd ed (1986)
3rd ed (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
Mk5 ed (1992)
A French-language post-apocalyptic RPG in the genre of Mad Max. The first game of Croc, one of France's famous game creators.
1st ed by Croc (1991) Siroz/Ideojeux
A French-language heroic fantasy game, set on the fantasy continent of Tanaephis -- a violent and wild land.
1st ed by Bruno Merandon (1992) Le Korrigan
A French-language pirate RPG.
Cadwallon: The Free City
1st French ed by Arnaud Cuidet, Bruno Bechu, Damien Desnous, Franck Plasse, Gregoire Laakmann, Ivo Garcia, Jean Bay, Nicolas Raoult, Sebastien Celerin, Vincent Kaufmann, Willem Peerbolte, Xavier Spinat (2005) Rackham
1st English ed (2006) Rackham
A tactical fantasy role-playing game in French and English, designed for use with miniatures and compatible with the Confrontation fantasy miniatures game. The game world is a traditional fantasy world ("Aarklash") inhabited by Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and Wolfen. The game is set in the free city of Cadwallon, which was founded by a mercenary company and leases troops to the various nations surrounding it that are in the process of entering a massive war, the Rag'narok. It uses a d6 dice pool system where characters have "attitudes" rather than standard attributes. The attitudes are Pugnacity, Style, Sleight, Opportunism, Discipline, and Subtlety. Character creation is by picking a race and culture (which modify attitudes from their base of 2), distributing some flexible points for skills and raising attitudes, and then picking 3 trade ranks from the 37 trades. Tasks are resolved by rolling a number of d6 equal to your skill level, taking the highest and adding the appropriate attribute to compare against the difficulty. In action scenes, dice are split between an action pool and reaction pool -- which are refreshed according to the character's trade scores.
Chasseurs de Monstres
1st ed (1999) Hachette
A French-language fantasy mini-RPG intended for children. this game (a 10-pager) was included in a book about mythology, folklore and standard (i.e. ghosts & vampires) monsters, for children.
1st ed by Jean-Luc Bizien (1994) Multisim
A French-language historical RPG, sequel to Hurlements. The PC's are Dragons (i.e. top-ranking were-creatures in the Hurlements world), incarnated on Earth to experience life.
1st ed by Francois Suter (1993) Les Createurs Genevois
A French-language cross-genre, time-travel RPG.
La Compagnie des Glaces
1st ed by Jean-Pierre Pecau (1986) Jeux Actuels
A French-language sci-fi RPG, based on a series of novels of the same name by G.J. Arnaud. Set in a future where the Earth is covered by ice, and the only civilization that remains is a group of enormous trains. It uses a percentile skill-based system.
Contes ensorcelés
1st ed by Antoine Bauza (2005) 7ème Cercle
A French-language children's fantasy RPG, whose title translates to roughly "Bewitching Tales". (This is a professional release based on an amateur RPG publication.) It is set on a flat world that humans share with imps, fairies, and goblins. The PCs are youthful wizards and witches who all can fly on broomsticks. It uses a simple system where you roll 2d6 over a target number based on a universal chart that crosses your stat (with three named levels) and difficulty (rated 3 to 10).
Les Divisions de l'Ombre
1st ed by Philippe Chouvel, Christophe Guy (1989) Flamberge
A French-language sci-fi RPG, set in a near future (2030's) where freedom fighters struggles against fascist, alien-controlled authorities. The boxed set includes a 84-page rulebook, 32-page Atlas 2030, and 28-page GM booklet.
1st ed by Mathieu Gaborit, Guillaume Vincent (1994) Tritel / Délires
A French-language Victorian sci-fi RPG, a la Jules Verne. It is set in a detailed fantasy world drowned in a corrosive matter ("écryme"), where only a few islands survive. Civilization is early industrial -- with trains, airships, and muskets -- and rife with political intrigue. The book is divided into three parts of equal length: a worldbook, rulebook, and an introductory scenario for 5 pre-made characters.
1st ed by Alexandre Bidot, Caroline Jehan, Denis Bodin (1994) Ormékiane Productions
A French-language post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, set 87 years after the second armageddon in an original setting (Eleckase). In a confused era, the twenty nations face various magical prophecies. The game features cosmic mysteries over the five entities: Chaos, Loi, Balance, Pendule and Magic. There are 13 races including dwarf, elf, gnome, and various others. Character creation is class-based, with 23 attributes and a wide variety of skills.
Empire Galactique
1st ed by Francois Nedelec (1984) Robert Laffont, Editor
2nd ed by Francois Nedelec, Jean-Charles Rodriguez, Sylvie Rodriguez (1987) [trade paperback]
A French-language space opera RPG, set in a universe of thousand of stars and many alien races. PC's include merchants of "The Hanse", telepath priests, Empire soldiers, and teknorobot engineers. The 2nd edition was published as a mainstream book. The mechanics are based on stat multiplied by 2d6 vs difficulty.
Empires et Dynasties
1st ed by Patrick Durand-Peyrolles (1987) PB Productions
2nd ed (1988) Editions Dragon Radieux
A French-language fantasy RPG with a touch of sci-fi. It features playing thru many generations of characters (hence "dynasties").
1st ed (1996) CRJH
A French-language space opera RPG in the mood of the 60s-70s novels by Asimov, Dick and other similar authors.
Enfer et Damnation
1st ed (unknown - pre-1990) Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes
A French-language horror RPG, where the PC's are dead people sent back from Heaven for missions on Earth. Published in "Jeux et Stratégies" magazine.
1st ed by Philippe Mercier (1985) Les Elfes
A French-language fantasy RPG. Written by one of the creators of the Légendes system.
1st ed by [Multisim staff] (1996) Multisim
A French-language Renaissance-era fantasy RPG, set in a world where a mysterious continent has newly appeared a few hundred miles out to sea, ripe for exploration.
Heavy Metal
1st ed by Croc, Mathias Twardowski (1991) Siroz/Ideojeux
A French-language sci-fi RPG, set in a near future where the world is being controlled by a secret power using robots troubleshooters, opposed by heroic rebels -- a la "Running Man".
1st ed by Valerie Bizien, Jean-Luc Bizien (1989) Éditions de la Lune Sang
A French-language historical RPG where the PC's are with a caravan that has slowly rolled thru France from the middle ages to the beginning of the 20th century.
In Nomine
1st [French] ed by Croc (1989) Siroz
2st [English] ed by Derek Pearcy (1997) Steve Jackson Games
A modern-day-magic RPG about the ongoing War between angels and demons, where both sides can be ugly and treacherous in trying to win the battle of intrigue over men's souls. The original French-language game came in two parts ("In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas"), and was much more tongue-in-cheek than the American game. The mechanics of the English game are a fixed roll of 2d6 versus skill, with the quality of success determined by a third die (dubbed "d666").
In Scolare Laboris / Magna Delirium
1st ed (unknown) Frères-Dragons Éditions
A French-language horror RPG about school boys and girls (about college age) stuck in a demon-operated school. Formerly known as "Compte à Rebours".
1st ed by Willy Favre, Jérôme Larré, Neko, Christophe Valla, Julien Heylbroeck (2007) 7ème Cercle
A post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG set in Japan in the year 2046, after a mysterious event (the "Kuro Incident") has cut Japan off from the rest of the world and re-awakened elements from Japanese mythology. It uses an original system.
1st ed by Patrick Savary, Laurent Gabella (1988) Éditions ECG
A French-language fantasy RPG -- the first Swiss RPG. It features onirism, symbols, and psycho-analysis. The book is illustrated with original engravings and eau-fortes, and extremely expensive.
1st ed by Stéphane Daudier, Marc Deladerrière, Philippe Mercier, Jean Marc Montel, Guillaume Rohmer (1983) Jeux Descartes
Légendes des 1001 Nuits ed by Jean Marc Montel (1984)
Légendes Celtiques ed by Philippe Mercier, Stéphane Daudier, Guillaume Rohmer, Jean Marc Montel, Marc Deladerrière (1985)
Premières Légendes ed (1986)
De La Table Ronde ed by Anne Vetillard (1986)
Vallée des Rois ed by Christian Caroli (1987)
Des Cités ed by Didier Franque (1993) Antre du Dragon
A French-language historical fantasy RPG system, released as several games focusing on different time periods. "LÉgendes Celtique" was also released in English as "Celtic Legends". The original game has complex rules and focuses on very detailed historical/legendary background. "1001 Nights" also uses these rules. A simplified version of the rules ("Premières Légendes") was later released, which the later supplements use. The simplified version has 3 basic attributes, each of which has 3 sub-attributes. There are 8 Gifts, each of which govern a set of skills. Action resolution uses a d20. The official settings included "LÉgendes Celtique" (pre-Roman Celtic civilization); "LÉgendes de la Table Ronde" (Arthurian Britain); "LÉgendes Mille et Une Nuits" (based on 1001 Arabian Nights); and "LÉgendes de la Vallée des Rois" (ancient Egypt). There was also a third-party supplement for ancient Greece, "Légendes des Cités".
Légendes des Contrées Oubliées
1st ed by G.E. Ranne, Stephane Bura (1995) Delcourt
A French-language heroic fantasy RPG, adapted from a serie of French comic books of the same name.
La Lutte des Gemmes
1st ed (1995) Presses du Midi
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG.
Jack Vance's Lyonesse
1st ed by Philippe Genequand, Raphael Kissling, Boris Leu, Didier Salzmann (1999) Men-in-Cheese
A French-language fantasy RPG based on the trilogy of novels by Jack Vance. It is set in the kingdom of Lyonesse, within an imaginary archipelago ("Isles Anciennes") between Spain, France and Ireland. The background has a strong Celtic flavor mixed with historical medieval background.
Les Maîtres-Mondes
1st ed by Ivan Strobino (1992) L'Arkalance
A French-language generic fantasy RPG system, intended for a variety of fantasy worlds.
1st ed by Michel Gaudo, Guillaume Rohmer (1985) Jeux Descartes
A French-language Victorian horror RPG, set around 1880-1920 with various witch doctors and occult sorcerers in the background. One of the 5 top-selling RPGs in France at one time.
Manga World
1st ed by Koneko (unknown) self-published
A French-language generic manga RPG (Japanese comic-book), aimed at allowing easy adaptations of Manga settings.
1st ed by Didier Guiserix, Michel Brassinne (1984) Jeux & Strategie magazine
2nd ed (1986) Jeux & Strategie magazine
3rd ed (1992) Casus Belli magazine
4th ed (1993) Descartes
A French-language time-travel / alternate-worlds RPG (MEGA is short for "Messagers Galactiques" or "Galactic Messengers"). The first three editions appeared as special magazine issues (in J&S and CB). The 4th edition (hardcover) includes the campaign includes the campaign "Le Voleur d'Ygol" by Tristan Lhomme.
1st ed by Francois Perrinel (1991) FLEO
A French-language modern-day action RPG. It uses a system intent on realism, including extensive weapon tables. Character creation is skill-based, with modifiers depending on whether you choose a civilian or military career.
Le Messager
1st ed by Christoph Guillermet (1991) Éditions Role'Mag
A French-language space opera RPG, published by the game magazine "Role'Mag". It is set among seven worlds created by gods, complete with magic and demigods and various powerful organizations. It includes three booklets: a 76-page rulebook, a 26-page universe book, and an 18-page scenario book. The rules include 14 races ranging from cat-men and bird-men, to more exotic races like the Levyx (who are legless but levitate and have "hyper-vision"). Stats are based on a mix of random-roll and profession choices. Attributes are tested on 1d20, while skills are percentile.
La Méthode du Docteur Chestel
1st ed by Daniel Danjean (1991) Presses du Midi
A French-language sci-fi RPG, where the PC's are psychiatrists who telepathically enter people's dreams to help them. The catch is that mistakes can leave the doctor dead or brain-dead, or the patient in worse shape than before.
Miles Christi
1st ed by Benoit Clerc (1995) Sans Peur et Sans Reproche
A French-language historical RPG set in the era of the crusades. The PC's are Templar Knights, although supplements cover other character types. The system uses playing cards (i.e. Ace thru King).
1st ed by Gilles Candotti (1990) Éditions des Sept Pierres
A French-language RPG, subtitled "The Game of Adaptation". Players play themselves, mysteriously transported to an unknown world, with only a pocket knife and a hangover. It includes a detailed background for this world.
Mondes et Heros
1st ed by [the "Migou" team] (1995) Gallimard
A French-language RPG line. It is an attempt at an easy RPG by putting players in pre-generated roles as characters lifted from novels. It had several books released: "Marid Audran" (from the books by G.A. Effinger); "Odysseus" (from Homer's Oddessey); "Orlando"; and "Sherlock Holmes".
1st ed by Michel Gaudo (1988) Oriflam
A French-language hard science-fiction RPG, with only a few outer colonies.
1st ed (unknown) PL Productions
A French-language sci-fi RPG set in the near future as the Earth is being invaded by aliens.
Mythes et Légendes
1st ed by A. L. Gohin (unknown) self-published
A French-language traditional medieval fantasy RPG.
1st [French] ed by Fabrice Lamidey, Frederic Weil (1991) Multisim
2nd [French] ed (1992)
1st [English] ed by Fabrice Lamidey, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Frederic Weil (1994) Chaosium
An occult RPG where characters are immortal creatures that awaken in human form. First edition was French-language, later translated into English.
Night Prowler
1st ed by Croc (1995) Siroz
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG, set in the world of the Seven Cities, a giant megalopolis where crime is everpresent. PC's are thieves who fight machiavelian authorities to earn their livings. It includes detailed background on the Seven Cities. Character generation is class-based, with a wide variety of classes and races. Races include dwarves and elves but also many other varieties.
1st ed (1985) Fondation du Stratège
A French-language historical RPG set in ancient Egypt. The is diceless, using order sheets with wargame-like overtones.
1st ed (unknown) Paule et Mick Corp.
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG.
Le Petit Peuple
1st ed (unknown) Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes
A French-language humorous fantasy RPG where PC's are fairies, leprechauns, korrigans, and other elves.
Les Petits Hommes
1st ed by Bruno Faidutti (unknown) self-published
A French-language modern-day fantasy RPG inspired by a popular French comic book. The PC's are reduced to 1/10 of their size and live in a high tech civilization, hidden from common humans. The creator suggests playing in your own house using Playmobil as Scale 1 figures.
1st ed by Philippe Tessier (1997) Halloween Concepts
A French-language post-apocalyptic RPG where humanity has migrated to live undersea after a nuclear war has laid waste to the surface world.
Les Prédateurs
1st ed by Philippe Chouvel, Olivier Gasnier, Christophe Guy (1990) Flamberge
A French-language modern-day horror RPG, where the PC's are a vampire's caravan trying to survive against fanatical vampires hunters' attacks. It uses a d12-based system. Characters are random rolled, with a very few powers, advantages and skills.
1st ed by Arthur Agabek, Georges Favraud, Guillaume Cochard (2000) Athal
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG, set in the "World of Dragons". It has a set of 9 non-traditional races. Character creation is both class-based and point-based. It has 9 or 10 supplements.
1st ed by Benoît Attinost, Julien Blondel, Geoffrey Picard, Philippe Tessier, Léonidas Vesperini, Timbre-Poste (2000) Halloween Concept
1st ed by Benoît Attinost, Julien Blondel, Geoffrey Picard, Philippe Tessier, Léonidas Vesperini, Timbre-Poste, Jean-Marc Maquin, Isabelle Vassaux, Antoine Clermond (2002) Darwin Project
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG, set in the Kingdoms of Kor.
Qin: The Warring States
1st French ed by Neko, Florrent, Kristoff, Romain d'Huissier, Pierre Buty (2005) 7ème Cercle
1st English ed (2007)
A semi-historical RPG set in China in 240 B.C., specifically the state of Qin -- which in history will shortly conquer the other six states to form a single nation. It uses an original system. Resolution uses a "Yin/Yang" roll -- roll two ten-sided dice and subtract the lower result from the higher. Which color die is lower is used in damage calculation. Character creation is limited point-bought, spending 14 points on five attributes based on the five Chinese elements, choice of one gift and one weakness, spending 15 points on skills, and 15 points on maneuvers and mystic arts.
1st ed by Marcel Larcenet (1994) Les Rêveurs de Runes
A French-language humorous modern-day RPG where the PC's are caricatural, average French redneck in everyday situations. The title translates as "The Smelly-under-the-arms Role-playing Game". It uses a very simple system.
1st ed by Nicolas Julien, Thomas Baudoin (2002) self-published
A French-language military science fiction RPG, in the genre of Heinlein's "Starship Troopers". It is set in a galaxy inhabited by Humans, the Ullar (orca-descended humanoids, now wandering mercernaries), the Adharax (enigmatic tentacled creatures), and Shankkar (warlike cat-people). It uses a simple system of attribute + skill + 1d10 vs difficulty, with some special modifiers.
1st ed by Raphael Bardas, Sebastien Celerin, Mael Le Mee, Tristan Lhomme, Frederic Weil (2002) Multisim
A French-language RPG set in an alternate history called the "Twisted 50's" -- inspired by uchronic dystopian fiction like Dark City and Brazil. Governments were telepathically contacted by aliens in the mid-19th century, which have largely unified into power blocks in preparation for contact. The PCs are part of the resistance against this world government. Character creation is based on rolling 1d10 on a universal chart which compares skill to difficulty. Skill is determined by a combination of freeform, binary "domain" traits and "verb" traits. Your skill for a task is based on the number of traits which apply. There is also a form of fate points: a pool of "Death" points which players add to gain bonuses, and which the GM draws from to cause penalties.
Rêve de Dragon
1st (French) ed by Denis Gerfaud (1985) Nouvelles Editions Fantastiques Nouvelles Editions Fantastiques Ludodélire
2nd (French) ed (1993) Multisim
1st (English) ed (2002) Malcontent Games
A French-language fantasy RPG, set in an ever changing and poetic world dreamed by dragons. The PC's are travellers there, who walk along the Low and High Lands of dream, and fight magic dangers and dream creatures. One of the best-selling games in France. A beginner's version of the game was also made, entitled "Oniros". There is also an English edition, published electronically.
Le Roi-Chat
1st ed by Sicart (unknown) self-published
A French-language RPG of playing common housecats (?!?).
ROLE: Regles Optionnelles Limitees a l'Essentiel
1st ed by Francois Nedelec, Didier Guiserix (1985) Casus Belli magazine
A French-language universal mini-RPG (2 pages). Later was republished in the magazine Casus Belli #34 and in the games Avant Charlemagne and MEGA II.
1st ed by David Jamet (unknown) self-published
2nd ed (unknown)
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG. The 1st edition was expensively laid out with a wooden GM screen and a bronze 10-sided die. The 2nd edition was only the rulebook.
Le Royaume des Dragons
1st ed by Paul Chion (unknown) Éditions Dragon Radieux
A French-language medieval fantasy mini-RPG (6 pages), aimed for younger children.
1st ed by Croc (1993) Siroz
A French-language modern-day fantasy RPG, including Dragons, Faeries, Alchemists, and Technomancers. The characters are part of a group composed of one Dragon creature, and several seemingly normal people, who in fact are of Faerie blood, and drawn to the Dragon's magical abilities. Dragons collect magic, Faerie need it to survive, and in contact with it, regain their former selves. It uses a fairly simple d6-based system. Character creation is point-based.
Silex et Mammouths
1st ed (unknown) unknown
A French-language prehistoric RPG, published by a gaming club in Paris.
1st ed by Pierre Rosenthal (1986) self-published
"La fleur de l'Asiamar" ed (1987)
3rd ed (1988) self-published
4th ed (1989) Casus Belli magazine
5th ed (1994) Casus Belli magazine
A French-language universal RPG system. It is released under an open license allowing anyone to use it for their rulebook. Official games released using Simulacres system include "Aventures Extraordinaires" (by Tristan Lhomme -- Victorian sci-fi), "Capitaine Vaudou" (by J.P. Pecau -- pirates with voodoo magic), "Cyber Age" (by Pierre Rosenthal -- cyberpunk) and "Sang Dragon" (by Pierre Rosenthal -- heroic fantasy). There are also a number of unofficial games, aided by the open license.
Sombre Cauchemar
1st ed by P. N. Lapointe (unknown) Lapointe
"Dark Nightmare" -- A French-language horror RPG.
Space Delirium
1st ed by P.N. Lapointe (unknown) Lapointe
A French-language space opera RPG.
Stella Inquisitorus
1st ed by Croc (1993) Siroz / Ideojeux
A French-language science fantasy RPG. It is set in a distant future where after Armageddon has occured, technology has regressed, and a ruthless Catholic Church rules everything (even the angels!).
La Terre Creuse
1st ed by Laurent Alonzo, Alain Paris (1989) Silmarils
A French-language sci-fi RPG, based on a series of novels of the same name by Alain Paris. It is set in the far future of an alternate history where WWII ended in thermonuclear war and people live in the shadow of a Nazi Germany turned into a low-tech Imperium.
1st ed by Leonidas Vesperini, Orso Vesperini (1995) Jeux Descartes
A French-language RPG based on P.J. Farmer's World of Tiers series of novels. The universe includes several worlds created and rules by powerful beings called the Thoans, linked by interdimensional gates. The central world (and the only one covered in the basic rules) is an enormous tower with circular levels surrounding a central mountain topped by the Lord's citadel. The basic games includes a wealth of source material on this "World of Tiers". The rules are a dice-pool system geared for beginners. Action resolution is by rolling d6's equal to one's attribute, where each die over a target number counts as 1 success. Character creation is based on a fixed set of 20 templates. Combat uses a complex system where players pre-allocate a set of action ranks each round.
Tigres Volants
1st ed by Staphane Gally (1991) Les Créateurs Genevois
A French-language sci-fi RPG from Switzerland, with some touches of fantasy. It is set 200 years after warlike humans unload upon a galaxy which until then had known 10 millenia of peace. Strange phenomena and powers have also begun to manifest.
1st [French] ed (1986) "Chroniques d'outre monde" Magazine
2nd [French] ed (1988) Aujourd'hui Communication
1st [English] ed (1992) Darcsyde Productions
A modern RPG about violent crime, originally published in magazine format. The concept is fairly "normal" characters who get thrown into realistic violent situation and must fight for their lives -- softened somewhat that characters who die are returned to life. It uses random-roll attributes and point-bought skills. The combat system is complex, realistic, and (predictably) deadly.
L'Ultime Épreuve
1st ed by Fabrice Cayla (1983) Jeux Actuels
2nd ed (1984)
3rd ed (1987)
A French-language fantasy genre RPG, the first French RPG. It is set in the largely open world of Linaïs, which is inhabited by six types of humans: mountain people, forest people, sea people, etc. The PCs have the defined goal to fight against the lords of destruction, become powerful enough to pass the ultimate test, cross the door, and join the lords of balance. It uses a skill-based system similar to Chaosium's Basic Role-playing, with six attributes (determined by 3d6): Intelligence, Force, Dextérité, Pouvoir, Constitution, Charisme. There are also broad skills (only 10 in the original game), calculated by the sum of two or three attributes. These are increased only be increasing the attributes themselves. Character advancement is done by buying "training courses" in schools that increase attributes. It includes a magic system based on your Magic skill rating, with choice and number of spells determined by your skill. The expanded second edition is entitled "Les Chroniques de Linaïs".
Silrin ed by Laurent Trémel, Nicolas Théry, Eric Bouchaud, Fred Pannetier, Franck Bouchaud (1988) Siroz
Koros ed by Laurent Trémel, Nicolas Théry, Eric Bouchaud, Fred Pannetier, Yann, José Das Neves (1988)
Berlin XVIII ed by Olivier Noël, Laurent Trémel, Fréderic Texier, Eric Bouchaud, Nicolas Théry (1989)
A French-language series of sci-fi mini-RPGs: "Silrin", "Koros", "Berlin XVIII", and a few others. Each book detailed a single star system. Berlin XVIII was later released as its own game. It uses a percentile skill-based system.
1st ed by Alexandre Amirà, Remi Barbarin, Julien Blondel, Arnaud Cuidet, Miroslav Dragan, Philippe Fenot, Johan Scipion, Pascal Bernard, Michaël Croitoriu, Loïc Portnoë, Léonidas Vesperini, Gaylord Desurmont, Gr´gory Privat (2004) 7ème Cercle
A French-language post-apocalyptic RPG, set in Europe of 2037 after three decades of deteriorating chaos rather than a single cataclysmic event. Humanity has fallen and vermin have taken over. It uses an original system with dice-pool mechanics and limited point-bought character creation.
Warp 9
1st ed by David Sicé (1994) Warp 9
A French-language unofficial RPG adaptation of the television series Star Trek:The Next Geneation. It was sold as a fanzine, with each issue adding rules to the game.
Whog Shrog
1st ed by Laurent Trémel, Eric Bouchaud, Nicolas Théry (1988) Siroz
A French-language sci-fi mecha RPG, with powered-armor warriors of devastating power. It uses a variant of the Universom system.
1st ed by Patrick Durand-Peyrolles (1995) Tamise Productions
A French-language medieval fantasy RPG. It uses a d6 and d100 based sytem.
1st ed by Nicolas Thery, Franck Bouchaud (1986) Siroz
A French-language modern-day suburban-violence / teen rebellion RPG.

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