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1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (1999) Artic Ranger Production
A small-press Finnish-language comedy RPG in which the PC's are single-celled creatures. The adventures can't be too difficult -- try to slide forward some inches and get some food, for example.
ANKH - Adventurers of the North - Kalevala Heroes
1st ed by Pasi Janhunen (1988) Nelostuote KY
A Finnish-language fantasy RPG nominally set in Iron Age Finland, but very similar to D&D. It comes in a boxed set with two booklets (one for the player, another for the game master) and one quick adventure for a beginner GM. The boxed set includes a bag of dice (d4 through d20).
Anno Domini
1st ed by Piia Makkonen, Pasi Silander (1995) SLS/FELM
A Finnish-language Biblical RPG set in the New Testament era, role-playing missionaries of St. Paul. It uses a live-action system.
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga, Ari Tukiainen (unknown) ACE-Pelit OY
A Finnish-language horror RPG.
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta (1993) ACE-pelit OY
A fantasy-genre RPG set on a world dominated by elves. The world also includes humans, dwarves, orcs, bologs (an ogre-like race) and a gnome-like race called kah'jaar. However, the book recommends that the PC's all be elves, who have some unique powers. There are three sub-races of elves: forest, mountain and plains elves. The game is mid- to high fantasy in theme, and rather light-hearted in tone. The system uses 4-20 range of dice.
Kuninkaiden Aika
1st ed by Piia Makkonen, Pasi Silander (1993) Lastenkeskus Publishing
A Finnish-language Biblical RPG, whose title translates as "Time of the Kings". It is published by a Lutheran church for the purposes of fun and entertainment regarding how the world was during the time of the kings (Saul, David, Solomon). It uses a rules-lite system, with no stats were for weapons.
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (2000) Artic Ranger Production
A small-press Finnish-language RPG in which the PC's are live toys (as in the Disney film "Toy Story"). It uses a fast d6-based system, and allows you play with real toys (cars, trains, dolls, soldiers..) as props.
Miekka ja Magia
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta (1987) Ultimate Oy
A small-press Finnish-language fantasy RPG, whose title translates as "Sword and Magic". It is a rules-lite version of D&D, The classes include "barbaari" (barbarian), "taistelija" (fighter), "seikkailija" (adventurer), "metsäläinen" (ranger), "velho" (wizard) and "kerubi" (cherub -- something that can turn into a spirit at will). This was the successor to a generic RPG adventure entitled "The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in the Acirema Dungeons".
1st ed by Ville Vuorela (1994) Burger
A Finnish-language baroque fantasy RPG, with heavy swashbuckling elements. The title translates as "swordsman". It is set on an original fantasy world called Arleon, a cross-breed between the Roman Empire and 17th century Europe with supernatural elements. The PC's are swashbuckling heroes, facing an evil magical force known as the Darkfire which spawns monsters and is worshipped by cultists. Areas that had fallen under its influence turned into representations of hell. There are witches with powerful magic, although they rely on numerous ingredients for their spells to work.
Myrskyn aika
1st ed by Mike Pohjola (2003) Johnny Kniga Publishing
A Finnish-language fantasy RPG aimed at immersion in character and emotional realism. The text focuses on setting and GM instructions, with simple rules provided for both tabletop and larp. The book describes the semi-medieval world of Valenor, with a spaghetti western look and strong political themes. The mechanics aim to emphasize the character's experience rather than the physical reality.
1st ed by Ville Vuorela, Petri Hiltunen (2000) Burger
A Finnish-language fantasy RPG, based on a series of fantasy comics by Petri Hiltunen. The game takes place in the ancient land of Jaconia, now a fragment of living land surrounded by cursed ruins of an ancient superculture, Borvaria. Jaconia consists of about a dozen kingdoms or city-states, as well as large tracts of unclaimed land inhabited by barbarian tribes. Adventurers are "praedors", honourless adventurers who brave the dangers of the Cursed Lands for loot and magical treasures, only to find that the decadent courts and shadowy alleys of Jaconia can be even more dangerous.
Stalker - The SciFi Roleplaying Game
1st Finnish ed by Ville Vuorela (2008) Burger Games
1st English ed by Ville Vuorela (2012) Burger Games
A post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, based on the novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Alien visitation has created numerous Zones dozens of kilometers across, where physical reality has changed and various artifacts are scattered. Teams of Stalkers travel into the Zones to recover artifacts, but they risk being destroyed by anomalies within. It uses a diceless system called the FLOW system. Resolution works by the GM assigning Idea and Roleplay values to the action based on player's description. Both values get a +1 if the character has an applicable ability. The two values are then multiplied, and if the product is higher than the target number, the task succeeds.
1st ed by Mike Pohjola (2007) Riimuahjo Publishing
A Finnish-language near future roleplaying game where the player characters are members of a Maoist mutant girl band in the Finland of 2017. The action of the game revolves around dating, school, parents, rehearsals, fans, gigs, managers, celebrity and so forth. It uses a resolution mechanic based on interpreting fortune cookie fortunes.
1st ed by Aleksi Stenberg (1997) Saruwine
A Finnish-language fantasy RPG, set on the world of Tasnar focusing on the land of Medharmark which is modelled after medieval Scandinavia.
1st ed by Ilmari Virtanen (1995) self-published
A Finnish-language unusual fantasy RPG, whose title is an acronym for "The Hunters Of Golden Sirbul". It is set on a strange fantasy world with over 100 intelligent races (25 of which are suitable for character races), such as the hyper-intelligent Xiga, who float in the air and have two heads (!).
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (2001) Artic Ranger Production
A small-press Finnish-language cartoon RPG based on the work of Finnish cartoon artist Jukka Tilsa. It uses a simple system to emphasize play as working as if you were drawing a cartoon.
Ultima Thule: Roolipeli muinaisessa Pohjolassa
1st ed by Ilmari Piela (1999) Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura
A Finnish-language historical RPG set in medieval and pre-medieval Finland. Although this game touches the national epic of Kalevala, it does not focus on it. It includes magical spells and monsters, including historical resources for authentic-feeling spells. It uses a rules-lite system.
Zombeja! Ovella! / Zombie Cinema
1st ed by Eero Tuovinen (2007) Arkenstone Publishing
1st English ed (2008) Arkenstone Publishing
A horror genre storytelling game about a zombie apocalypse, that mixes board game and role-playing elements. Players take turns directing scenes, and by conflicts with other players their character token may move closer to the zombie token. If the zombie token is in the same scene, the player describes how their character is killed. The game comes in a boxed set that includes a game board, tokens, rules sheet, and 27 Cinema Cards. Players choose from three types of character cards for creating their characters.
Zombieroolipeli Kalmo
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (1999) Artic Ranger Production
2nd ed (1999) Artic Ranger Production
A small-press Finnish-language tongue-in-cheeck horror RPG, whose title translates to "Zombie Roleplaying Game: the Dead". A thin and small A6-sized booklet, printed by Tehokopiointi KY. The PC's are zombies, generated by various random-roll methods including previous profession (lumberjack, celebrity, hobo, mafia boss,...) and how the character died (i.e. the burglar shot back or bondage game gone too far). Action resolution uses d6 and d8. There is a live-action version of this game entitled "Elokalmo" (roughly "Life-Dead").

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