RPG Company List: Germany

B&B Productions
c/o Thilo Bayer, Postfach 12, 74386 Talheim (Germany)
Small-press makers of the German-language Victorian detective RPG Private Eye (1990).
Blacknet Publishing
German-language RPG company. Makers of the LIQUID free RPG system.
Brendow Verlag
A general fantasy publisher in Germany, makers of the fantasy RPG Narnia - Das Rollenspiel (2008).
Fantasy Productions GmbH, aka FanPro
Makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Das Schwarze Auge. Founded in 1977 as a game shop, then expanded in 1983 to a company, and in 1988 in its present form. Founded by Werner Fuchs, Hans Joachim Alpers, and Ulrich Kiesow.
Feder & Schwert
Small-press makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Engel (2001), as well as partners with White Wolf for its English edition. Founded in 1989 publishing German translations of White Wolf's World of Darkness series of RPGs.
Flying Games
Makers of the German-language universal RPG system, TRAUMA Universalrollenspiel (2003).
Image 3033 Verlag und Werbeagentur GmbH
Schierholzstrasse 33, 30655 Hannover (Germany)
Small-press makers of the German-language post-apocalyptic RPG, LodlanD (2003).
Klee Spiele
A traditional game publishing house, and Former publishers of the third edition of the German-language fantasy RPG, Midgard.
Moloch Studios
Small-press makers of the German RPG Endland (2001).
Nackter Stahl
Makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Arcane Codex (2002).
Nimble Ogre Games
Small-press makers of the German-language universal RPG system MOD (2000).
The Other Gaming Company
Aachen (Germany)
Small-press makers of electronically-published supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including spell and monster cards as well as a combined RPG and boardgame, "Dungeon Bash". Founded in Aachen, Germany, by Stefan Pietraszak. Staff include Stefan Pietraszak (Design and Layout), Sascha Baumanns (Playtesting), Rene Ganser (Playtesting), Steffi Jordans (Editing and playtesting), and Oliver Breuer (Art).
Pegasus Spiele GmbH
Straßheimer Straße 2, 61169 Freidberg (Germany)
A German company, distributor of the Midgard RPG in partnership with Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele. This was founded in 1992 by Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel. founded as a traditional games manufacturer as "Klee-Spiele". In 1989 it took over publication of Midgard for the third and later fourth editions.
Rumland & Flory
Dundorfweg 11, 69181 Leimen (Germany)
Small-press makers of the German-language RPG TRI.
Stargazer Games
Small-press makers of Warrior, Rogue & Mage and other games. An imprint of author Michael Wolf.
Vagrant Workshop
Köln (Germany)
Small-press makers of both German-language and English-language RPGs, including BARBAREN! (2009), Western City (2008), as well as the upcoming horror game Vampire City and upcoming future fantasy game Equinox. Founded as a private alliance of independent game designers, led by Carsten Damm and Kathy Schad.
Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele
Ringstraße 22 D-67705 Stelzenberg (Germany)
Makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Midgard and the licensed sci-fi RPG Perry Rhodan, in partnership with Pegasus Spiele. Founded by Elsa Franke and others in 1981 for the publication of Midgard.

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