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         The Aberrant role-playing game, by Robert Hatch et al., was published by White Wolf in 1999. It is a semi-realistic superhero game, where rather than fighting supervillians, the superpowered "novas" work for companies or governments and make themselves rich and famous. The realism comes not in the powers, but in the lives which the novas make for themselves. The following are my notes and thoughts on the game:

This is my complete review of the Aberrant core book. It is rather mixed, which is not to denigrate the idea of running a campaign (which I think has lots of potential), but to point out problems in how the concept was handled.
Character Generation Notes
This is an outline of thoughts on character creation, including a breakdown of point costs and thoughts on the split of "human" and "nova" phases of character creation.
Improved Powers Chart
This is a full chart (done as a huge HTML table) of all 110 powers and mega-attribute enhancements, organized by controlling attribute. It includes the quantum minimum for all powers, and a capsule description for each entry.
Dice Probabilities
This is a brief discussion of dice probabilities in the Aberrant system, with accompanying chart. It does not yet cover mega-dice.
Unofficial Erratta
This is a home-made list of erratta for the system. Its answers are by no means official, but it at least points out where there are contradictions and problems in the text which need fixing.
Character List
This is the start of a list of the characters referred to in the background section of the core rulebook.
These are sample characters which I wrote up as part of testing the system. They are all created using the standard rules for beginning characters.
"Afterthought" (aka ??)
"Astro" (aka William Sirignano)
"Firefly" (aka Truman Brown)
"Gargoyle" (aka Allen Ramey)
Emma Woodhull




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