Session Twenty: The Resurrection of Kalrun and Its Effects

Session Date: June 8, 2008

Meta-game Issues (Rules Clarifications)

We reviewed various rules.

Taking Kalrun to the Physician
(Afternon, 15 Halane TR 720)

We began with what happened to Kalrun. When the previous session ended, he had been bleeding on a rooftop where he had been found by Bowdyn. Bowdyn had signalled from the rooftop to Maban in the procession, who had come up to him. However, the rest of the procession did not know about what had happened - just that Bowdyn had signalled for Maban to come. The missionaries' parade then proceeded back to Kotros Square for their final speeches. They did not want to compete with the arena for people's attention.

Bowdyn, Maban, and the Cohort of Gashang had together put Kalrun on a board to take him back down to the street and to a nearby physician who specialized in treating wounds from the arena. He was bleeding badly, staunched by Maban's efforts, with the crossbow bolt still embedded in his chest, its point stuck against his back ribs. The master physician was not there at first, but the Cohort of Gashang took the lead in intimidating the journeyman to bring his master. When he arrived, the physician was at first annoyed, but was convinced of taking the job without too much trouble as a challenge to his skill -- with assurances of proper payment.

He was irascible and insulting of all others, nor particularly kind towards feelings of the others. However, he did seem interested in giving the best treatment for the patient. He heated up an iron bar of a fitting width, then pushed the bolt out through Kalrun's chest and quickly called for the bar to be pushed through to cauterize the wound. The operation was a success, though the trauma of it made Kalrun appear even more grave.

Jaroud's Visit to Senator Crasshic
(Morning, 15 Halane TR 720)

Jaroud came to the house of Senator Crasshic in Kuseme, taking the puppies he had promised along with their parents and his ever-present wolf. The senator was busy dealing with many of his clients, of a much higher class than Jaroud. He made promises, struck deals, and so forth. After some time waiting, though, he did address Jaroud. He asked what he could see about the dog's training and breeding.

Jaroud then launched into a masterful demonstration of the intelligence and training of the puppies' parents. Without a word from him, the two took in his gesture and swept the hall for trouble without a word from him. One actually caught a theft in progress -- grabbing and holding a slave who had been trying to stealthily slip out with some valuables stashed on them. (Jaroud made an amazing 10 successes on his Dog Husbandry roll.) The senator and all of his clients present are amazed at this -- and one insists on paying Jaroud in advance for a set of dogs. (Jaroud gets +2d cash on hand.)

The senator commended Jaroud on his staunch support of the people in the western district -- noting how he remembered the hunt and the feast that Jaroud threw after his hunting the white stag. Jaroud mentioned his current troubles, and then told the senator about the missionaries' parade that was going on currently. True to his reputation as a demagogue, the senator then declared "I love a parade" and insisted he go to see this with Jaroud. Dropping several appointments, he went out with an entourage of servants and clients to Coranan.

Senator Crasshic Meets the Parade
(Afternoon, 15 Halane TR 720)

When speaking in Kotros Square, the missionaries had a small crowd gathered to hear Olrau speak when they saw a throng approaching them from the Quilon Gate to the west, leading by bridge to the castle and Kuseme. They at first discretely grabbed weapons to defend themselves, but it turned out to be Jaroud with Senator Crasshic and his entourage.

They were amazed at this, and greeted the senator warmly. Judyn introduced him to Yehla-Sha-Bhemis the Nolah, and spoke to it in her halting command of Ivashi. Still uncertain but not wanting to appear afraid in front of the crowd, he walked up to shake hands with it. He kissed Judyn's hand to illustrate, but this mixed the message to Yehla ("I should taste his hand?") and Judyn hurried to address the crowd, assuring that the senator had proven his point.

Judyn then announced to the crowd that Olrau would tell them about how the coming of Ilvir and his temple would change the city. Olrau picked up on this and made his speech, followed by Senator Crasshic. Crasshic spoke bluntly against the Lia-Kavair, and promised his protection to Jaroud, whom he praised as a man who stood up for the poor of the west side.

Senator Crasshic then learned of the attack upon the parade earlier in the afternoon, and demanded to be brought to meet the heroic Kalrun who had defended the missionaries against the assassins sent after them. Taking this up, they went together back to the arena.

The Resurrection
(Afternoon, 15 Halane TR 720)

They soon found Kalrun being taken from the physician's shop. He looked terrible, carried on a pallet by Bowdyn and the cohort -- unconscious, naked, covered in his own blood, and stinking of burnt flesh from the cauterization. A cry soon went up among all those present at this. Maban and others argued with the physician who had come out from the shop to claim credit for saving his life.

Judyn then grabbed up a handful of the mud they had brought with them from the cart, and knelt beside him to spread the mud over his wound. Asking for Olrau, Judyn, and the others to pray with her, she grasped the Orb of Souls and looked at him. Still holding it, she pressed her lips to his mouth and breathed in his soul and his body shuddered as in death -- provoking another cry from those watching. She then kissed to orb letting his soul draw power from it, then turned back to breath back into his mouth. Kalrun blinked open his eyes as color returned to his body, and he sat up to wipe away the mud from his chest to see it pure and untouched. He then sprang up, his lame knee now healed as well, to a rousing cheer from all of those present. (Judyn spent a Deeds point on a Faith roll and succeeded in an Ob 10 Miracle. Kalrun dropped his "Maimed" trait based on this.)

The scowling physician was soon forgotten, though Maban did call some insults at him as he retreated. Having been brought there by her cohort, the priestess Analia became caught up in the celebration as well. Judyn slipped to her, though, to whisper a suggestion that she leave quickly and discretely to avoid being associated with the Ilviran crowd. Analia agreed, but their plan was accidentally foiled by Maban who joyously greeted Analia as she tried to slip away.

Conversions and Celebration
(Late Afternoon, 15 Halane TR 720)

A number of people converted there on that spot. Senator Crasshic was first, wanting to establish himself as a leader. Each were baptized with mud by all of the founders there, following the tradition established by Duglan's baptism four months earlier.

When that was complete as sundown approached, those present all head back across the bridges towards Kuseme. Judyn had prepared for a celebration at her house. As they were leaving the city, however, a lone figure gestured to Maban, which she recognized as Ro'agg - the mysterious shape-shifting Ivashu who would speak to her at times. After the ambush, however, everyone was wary of strangers. Judyn noticed Maban's look at the figure and asked her who it was. Maban then explained for the first time about Ro'agg and her interactions with it.

Judyn is confused by this revelation, but holds off discussing it further. Instead she urges Maban to keep her mind on the present task. Though she did not talk to Ro'agg, Maban nevertheless felt driven to renew her efforts to free the Ivashu in the arena.

As they come into the Kuseme, Senator Crasshic went to his own house first, but then came to the Denach clan house with his wife and 20-year-old son. There, Maban began discussing heatedly with other founders about what they should be doing to free the Ivashu -- particularly the centipede creature that was still being kept there. Judyn had a party to run, and walked out to deal with it; and Jaroud also left. Olrau did suggest that she could do more for the Ivashu if she had access to the arena, and she agreed for the moment that managing the deal with the Agrikans was one of their greater successes thus far. She did not go off immediately to tear apart the arena, but returned to the party for the moment.

Bowdyn and Hillay's Separation
(Night, 15 Halane TR 720)

As the party winds down, the senator returned to his home, while the many guests crowded into the space there. Judyn and her servants had set out cots with makeshift curtains to make room for the abundance of guests. Hillay, who had been staying there, apologized to Bowdyn for her angry words earlier. They passionately make love in their room, to the annoyance of those around.

Afterwards, however, she spoke frankly to him. She reminded him that it was now the time of the agreement they had made when they came to Coranan. He had agreed that he should have established himself by that time, or they would return to Kaldor. She said that he clearly had not established himself, while he claimed that he had. Soon their pillow talk turned into a loud argument, keeping awake many other guests. Outraged, Hillay then walked off into the night.

Bowdyn was perplexed and asked Judyn to talk. Despite her exhaustion, Judyn walked outside with him and heard him out. She concurred that it seemed his marriage is at an end, and offered her sympathies. She advised him that under Thardic law, divorce would be a simple administrative matter only if Hillay agrees. Otherwise it would have to be brought before a judge, which could be expensive and risky.

With that, they retire for a few hours of sleep before the next day.

The Question of the Orb
(Morning, 16 Halane TR 720)

In the morning, Judyn and Jaroud were preparing for immediate departure -- to get out of town and assassinate Analia's uncle. They also planned to take the orb with them, and go to Araka-Kalai to return the souls within it to Ilvir there. However, Olrau argued against this, saying that after centuries, the souls could wait another year. At first it seemed he was alone, with Maban, Kalrun, and Judyn all insisting that their mandate from Ilvir was to take it immediately. However, Bowdyn then spoke for Olrau's point. Jaroud abstained, but insisted that they should not fight and all should respect Olrau.

Kalrun at first spoke angrily, citing his own brief time in the orb, and trying to intimidate Olrau. Jaroud then jumped to Olrau's side for a time. Olrau argued that it was not necessary, and that taking the orb would be risky. Judyn argued back that none of them were safe in Coranan, and their first duty was to Ilvir, not to their own ambitions and appearance.

As they were on the edge of becoming more heated in their debate, however, both Judyn and Olrau took Jaroud's point to heart. They put aside their difference, and agreed to decide this point later, after the assassination.

After that, Kalrun spoke to _____, a Red Guard captain who had converted the day before. He explained his situation, and asked if he could be transfered to ____'s squad away from Captain Brockman. He also spoke out against the Lia-Kavair, but his new brother in Ilvir said that there would always be crime. He did say that he would do what he could, though, and offered Kalrun unpaid leave under the cover of formal suspension. Kalrun had to return his guard armor, though, as well as the armor that he had borrowed for Jaroud.

Pulling Laranz from the Brink
(Morning, 16 Halane TR 720)

The group were then almost ready to leave. However, Judyn wanted to find out what had happened to Laranz -- who had not come to the parade despite their invitation. She sent a messenger to inquire after him in the morning, and very quickly one of Laranz's servants showed up at her house. The slave asked to speak to Bowdyn, and said that Laranz had been in a terrible mood after receiving a letter from his uncle.

They tried to slip discretely into the city to Laranz's house. (Judyn gets 1 success on an open-ended Inconspicuous roll.) At the house, they heard Laranz in the basement -- undoubtedly in the secret chapel to Ilvir there. Bowdyn went down to speak with him alone at first. As he was going, though, Judyn drew him aside and told him pointedly that he was now formally separated from his wife, and no one would think ill of his becoming involved with another. This was a clear reference to Laranz's definite romantic attraction to Bowdyn. However, though he was friends with Laranz, Bowdyn could not feel that way about other men.

Descending into the secret chapel, Bowdyn found Laranz standing by the edge of the bottomless pit with a vial of liquid in one hand, and a letter in the other. He approached very carefully and sat down a few feet from Laranz, gesturing for Laranz to sit with him. Laranz was clearly distraught, but Bowdyn reassured him that he was free to do whatever he felt was right. Laranz explained that just two days after coming out as an Ilviran, he had lost all of his clients. The Halean church had let it be known that no one should do business with him. Further, he received the day before a letter from his uncle along with the vial. The letter asked him to kill himself, explaining that the clan could only recover by it being clear that he was insane. It went on that if he did not do so, the clan would do it for him.

Bowdyn spoke to him clearly that this was not the end, that their church could be family to him now. He began to argue with Laranz, but Laranz asked instead that Bowdyn jump together with him so that they could remain together. Bowdyn then simply spoke firmly and asked that he come upstairs and talk, and Laranz agreed. (Bowdyn backed off from a DoW with stakes of jumping together with Laranz, and instead rolled straight Persuasion against his Will of 4, and succeeded by using a Deeds point.)

Upstairs, Judyn hugged him and told him joyfully about how Senator Crasshic and eleven others had converted the day before. Ironically, she asked if he could cut back on his other work to help prepare for building the temple. All of the founders then insisted that he come back to Kuseme with them, with Bowdyn quietly saying that he should never be left alone for the next few days. He at first said he would have to pack, but they easily convinced him that his servants could do that and bring his things later.

News while returning to Kuseme
(Late Morning, 16 Halane TR 720)

The founders then returned to Kuseme, bringing Laranz with them to stay at the Kuseme house. On the way, they heard from a city crier the news that a man named Lester had been killed in the western district, in a manner suggesting execution by the Lia-Kavair. It would seem that Tower and Judyn's plan was coming to fruition. (The GM confirmed this out-of-game.)

Meta-game Issues (Trait and Award Votes)

We concluded the session by closing that adventure and voting on new traits and reputations.

  • Jaroud: New reputation "Killer of Tiny".
  • Kalrun: New trait "Thousand Yard Stare".
  • Maban: ...
  • Judyn: New trait "Second Sight".
  • Bowdyn: ...
  • Most Valued Player: Kalrun
  • Workhorse: Bowdyn

(End of Session)