Session Eight: The Trial

Session Date: October 28, 2007

Drafted by John K (the player of Judyn)

A Celebration
22 Nolus 720 TR (Evening)

On the evening of 22 Nolus, all the temple founders (minus Bowdyn, who is still recovering from his injuries) dined at the Scroll & Quill in a celebratory mood. They toasted the new temple grounds bought— although their good spirits were tempered by recognition of their upcoming trial in two days time, and the fact that ever-hostile Hondash of Amysyn still dwelt in the building that was to be their temple.

Maban's Vision
23 Nolus 720 TR (In the Middle of the Night)

In the middle of the night, Maban woke from her sleep and she saw a figure standing over her. She recognizes it as Fulsha, the Nolah who raised her. “You Slut!” he called to her (or some approximation in Ivashu).

Maban was confused as to how Fulsha has appeared and why is insulting her, but her confusion was dispelled when Fulsha's form changed and became that of Garryx, the Demon Pameshlu guard she had tried to seduce, and then became that of Cranor. Upon seeing the shape-changing, Maban realized that this must actually be Ro'agg, the Ivashu who has stalked her for years!

Ro'agg, now keeping the form of Cranor, heaped further abuse on Maban, telling her that she had forgotten who she was and who raised her— and who her true kin are. Apparently, he was outraged by her sexual encounter with an Agrikan involved in the Pamesani Games.

Cranor then told her that he would remind her of who she was— and what she is there to do. He asked her to get up and follow him. Maban looked briefly at her companions who were still sleeping and complied. They went out of the inn and headed south, to Kotros Square. As Maban neared the square, she could see that that it was filled with posts or poles of some sort, and that a foul smell came from it. She also looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was full— it was then she realized that she was in a dream!

As Ro'agg (still in Cranor's form) led her into the Square, she realized in the moonlight that the poles she saw were fixed and sharpened— and that on each one, a human body was impaled. Many were clearly dead, but some were still alive, groaning in agony. There were dozens— possibly even hundreds of such stakes throughout the square.

“This is the sacrificial feast for the rebirthing. You are to be the midwife of that rebirthing. You must be ready!,” Ro'agg told her.

“I don't understand,” cried Maban, “What is this rebirthing? What is this feast? What am I supposed to do here? Am I supposed to prevent this? To bring it about it?”

“You are supposed to see and learn— so that you may embrace your future rather than hide from it!” was Ro'agg's response. Ro'agg than strode off through the impaling stakes and quickly vanished.

Maban, unnerved despite knowing that this was a dream, made her way through the stakes, back towards the north end of the square, to get back to the inn. But as she did, she heard a voice call out to her from one of the stakes. She looked over and saw Brother Olrau, impaled on one of the sharpened shafts, his body naked, and his face bruised and bloodied.

“Maban,” he told her, “do not grieve for my end, for it was my fate to found the temple— and I have done so, and my part in Ilvir's plan is over… at least in this life. But yours is not. Your great mission is yet to come. I cannot tell where your path will lead you— it is as hidden from me as you, but I know this: the path you must walk is paved in blood.” Olrau's message complete, he then died.

At this point, Maban woke up with an alarming cry, waking her companions. She told them about the dream— including the details of Brother Olrau's death. They all discussed the important of this dream— and noted that it was at least the second time since they came to the city that Maban had had visions of some violent fate in store for the city— first with fire and war, and now with massive public executions.

The Finder Returns
23 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

After a sleepless remainder of the night, the group had breakfast at the inn's common room. Girardius the Finder came in. As soon as she saw him, Judyn hailed him as “just the man I wanted to see.” Girardius was surprised, and explained that he was going to give a final report of what he had learned thus far. He mentioned that he had been doing the investigation as a favor for his friend Goris the innkeeper, but sine Goris had stopped him, he no longer intended to continue his services for free. Judyn saw this as an opportunity and began to negotiate for his services. He offered to continue the investigation for 20 d (silver pennies) a day, plus bribe expenss. She bargained him down to 170 d plus expenses for a tenday.

Before agreeing, he discharged what he had learned thus far, which was that he knew that there were three places targetted on the night of the 19th (the night Judyn and Bowdyn's plan was put into action), and two on the night of the 20th. This news was a surprise to the missionaries as they had only known about Hondash's shop being vandalized on the 20th. But Girardius had learned that Forena the Potter's shop had been attacked as well. Her door had been burned with pitch and the mark of a serpent drawn with a dagger.

Girardius correctly surmised from physical evidence and other means that the three attacks on the 19th and the two on the 20th were carried out by two separate groups of people.

Once Girardius agreed to the bargain, Judyn asked him if he would by contract keep anything he found secret from everyone except them or the demands of a Thardic court. He agreed and she told him that they knew who was responsible for the 19th and that investigating those attackswould not be needed. She also told him that Punat of Khonary and his family were likely a rival Ilviran sect, and most likely responsible for the vandalism on the 20th.

Girardius was surprised at this, and then mentioned out loud that he should have negotiated more of what was known before agreeing. However, he agreed to stick by his contract and continue invesigating the attacks on the 20th.

A Visit to the Save-K'norran Temple
23 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

Judyn, along with Brother Olrau and Kara, went to the Save-K'norran temple to arrange with them to moderate talks with the Peonian church over the attempted exorcism of the Umbathri. They were, by chance—or perhaps Ilvir's plan— conducted by the acolyte Faras to a meeting with the temple's Maecor ( “Father-Visitor”).

Judyn recalled Faras as the acolyte who had looked at her strangely the day before in the Scroll and Quill. He remained nervous as Judyn chatted with him on the walk.

Taking him aside to speak privately, Judyn learned that he had seen seen her outside the inn on the night of the 19th -- when she was painting the sign of the serpent outside the window. However, he thought that she had seen him too, since he was illicitly out after hours, bored by the stifling life of an acolyte. She agreed to keep his secret, but also talked up Ilvranism to him as a more informal faith, with fewer restrictions than he seemed to be under. She invited him to dinner at her house in Kuseme for a gathering of younger people on the 25th, a Laranian holiday. He said he would see if he could make it.

They then talked to the Maecor, an older priest of great serious and distinciton. He agreed to moderate the group's dispute with the Peonians, and at their request agreed to set up talks if the Peonians were amenable. At the same time, Judyn subtly asked how she make a generous donation to the K'noran temple, and he suggested that she speak to the temple's treasurer.

Fortunes in the Square and a Discussion
23 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

While Judyn, Olrau, and Kara were on their way to the temple, Maban had to the square, accompanied by Jaroud to protect her in case Hondash should trouble her. She set up to tell fortunes again on her small carpet, paying the peddler's daily fee. She sought to once again set up close to Hondash's shop, but there was not good spot nearby, so she set up elsewhere in the market.

While telling fortunes, two women came up to her. One tried to ask her a question, but could not bring herself to ask the question. HMaban attempted to divine what she wanted to ask and give an answer based on the unasked, but her reply, “A Senator was behind it. Look to the Senator.” missed the mark and only upset the woman, who began crying and saying that that made no sense: “How could a Senator possibly be responsible for my son's death?” Maban remained cryptic, and Jaroud tried to cover for her by saying that prophecies are very difficult to mak without knowing the right question.

Further conversation revealed that the distressed woman was the mother of Hondash's late journeyman— and that she was there to seek out the “witch woman” whom Hondash had accused of his death. Upon learning this, Maban gives offers some words of suasion to the grieving mother and shows sympathy, assuring her that none of the Ilvirans had wished any harm to her son. Though still sad, she appears to be consoled by Maban's words and walks away, apparently having no anger towards Maban.

Following this encounter, Maban expresses to Jaroud her belief that the group must do something to stop the Ivashu trade and their slaughter in the Arena. Jaroud is skeptical of this idea, and suggests that that death in the Arena may well be what Ilvir has destined the Ivashu for— and that they should not seek to interfere with his plan. The two speak politely on the subject, but neither persuades the other to change opinons.

Kalrun Seeks Employment in the Red Guards
23 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

Kalrun sought out his Red Guard friend Arbun again, finding him early in the Glaive & Sickle. Arbun had no recollection of their last meting, due to his heavy levels of intoxication at the time.

Kalrun said that he wanted to join the Red Guard and urged Arbun to help him. At first, Arbun was skeptical. He pointed out Kalrun was a foreigner— and moreover, walked with a limp which suggested that he was no longer a capable soldier. Kalrun diisputed the latter point, and stood up to show how well he can walk. However, his knee went out on him while doing a simple walk around the table, and he nearly collapsed on the floor.

Despite this setback, Kalrun pressed Arbun, who told him that he might be able to find him a place as a private in the Red Guard, but that he'd have to pay a bribe of 200 silver pennies for the position. This was far more than Kalrun had available. (In BW Mechanics: This would have been Obstable 3 test for Kalrun's B2 Resources )

Kalrun unsuccessfully sought to haggle with Arbun to lower the cost, but in the end said that he could get the money. He arranged to meet Arbun near Caer Coranan (where the Red Guard was headquartered) the next day, where he would give the necessary money so that Arbun could “vouch for him” (i.e. bribe the right people) and get him into the guard.

Preparing for Trial
23 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

After leaving the Save-K'norran temple, Judyn along with Olrau and Kara, headed directly to the litigant Vurnt. He was expecting the whole group, but agrees to go over tactics with Judyn and Olrau. He explained that the case will be handled in the small Foreigner's Court by a single magistrate, rather than by a whole jury. The magistrate was Bertin of Nordaka, a scion of one of Tharda's most powerful great clans. He could and should be bribed, Vurnt explained.

In addition, Vurnt counseled that the group assemble as many character witnesses, preferably “persons of quality” to attest to their innocence. These two things would matter much more than any “facts,” he counseled.

Judyn, though still short on cash, arranged for some goods and a pair of fine horses in her stables to be given as a bribe to the judge, Bertin. The total value, she estimated would be around 2000 d in value. She said she would leave arrangement of the 'gifts' to Vurnt, who appeared to be happy to handle the matter.

In the meantime, she agreed to go to the people she knew to arrange for them to come to the trial.

Judyn Makes the Rounds (1): Meeting with Lady Alys
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

Judyn spent the rest of the day meeting with the various guildsman and people of quality who had come to her feast, to ask them to apepar as witnesses at the trial. Most were very willing to do so, despite the fact that she was a foreigner. Her generosity at the feast— had apparently made quite an impression on them. She also wanted to apologize to Forena the potter for the vandalism done to her, as well as to get her to be a witness. Judyn also wanted to meet with the widow of Hondash's patron— whom she feared could be a damning witness against him. Third, she wanted to get Laranz, son of master mason Punat, to come— and hopefully show him the vindication of their cause.

Judyn first went to the house of the widow of Hondash's patron, the Lady Alys of Arkain. She had to argue with a servant or slave to let her in, and then was kept waiting a very long time. But, eventually, Lady Alys met with her.

Judyn at first used her purchase of the property on which Hondash's shop was located as the pretext of her visit, since the widow still held a lease on it for five months. Judyn asked if there were any issues with the lease, and if she wanted to renew. The widow explained that she had not heard from Hondash in years, despite being his patron, and that she had no wish to renew.

In fact, she explained, much to Judyn's surprise that there would not even be any need to renew past the first of Ilvin to meet her patronly duties as “Hondash will not live that long.” Judyn is surprised to hear this, and Lady Alys quickly clarifies that she was told by a soothsayer after her husband's death that Hondash would die “by the first of Ilvin five years hence,” which is why she arranged for the lease to expire when it did.

In their conversation, Lady Alys explained that she beleived Hondash disliked having a female patron and in general was angry and insecure.

Finally, Judyn explained about the lawsuit, and asked if Lady Alys would come to the trial— if not to speak against Hondash, at least to speak pointedly weakly for him. However, she demurred since at least her legal duty was to support him despite her personal feelings, and indicated that she would simply not attend.

Hillay Visits Jaroud and Speaks about Whoring
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

After it became clear that Maban will not get any trouble from Hondash in the marketplace, Jaroud went home to check on his dogs, since Mykel was no longer there to help him. Shortly after getting home, he receives an unexpcted visit from Hillay, the wife of their fellow missionary.

She said, somewhat accusingly, “My husband has told me all about your whoring activities together,” and then presented him with a silver token for a courtesanal establishment, the House of the Seven Heavens. She explained that a slave had come to her house and delivered it for Bowdyn, with a requested that he use it that evening, shortly after nightfall. “Obviously,” she said, quite insincerely, “this was meant for you and came to the wrong place.”

Jaroud reiterated the story that he and Bowdyn had prepared about their prior visit to Tiny's brothel, and took the token from Hillay. He was curt with her about her husband, referring to her visits to Halean temple as similar. She angrily retorted that her religious ceremonies were none of his business, and left in a huff.

Meeting with the Agrikan Priestess
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

That morning, Kalrun and Duglan had gone outside of the city once again to practice their fighting skills on the green of a nearby village. While they were sparring, they were approached by the Agrikan priestess, Analia of Erm. Kalrun was surprised to see her so soon, and said this. She explained that she had heard about the trial and wanted to know of she could be of any help.

On reflection, Kalrun told her that it would be appreciated if she could come to the trial and even speak in support of the Ilvirans and against Hondash. After thinking carefully, she agreed to do so, but suggested that she would simply come dressed as a woman of senatorial-clan status, rather than wearing her priestly regalia— in case the judge-advocate might be prejudiced against her faith.

She also offered to Kalrun and Duglan that the two of them could use the temple's courtyard for practicing fighting, rather than having to leave the city. She also said she could arrange for them to try sparring with some of the Cohorts of Gashang soldiers in their fighting order. Kalrun said he would consider this.

Judyn Makes the Rounds (2): Visiting the Potter Forena
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

Judyn next visited the potter Forena, with Kara. She expressed her sincere regrets that Forena's shop had been vandalized, with apparent anti-Ilviran intent. She offered to help protect the shop with a bodyguard, thinking that she could persuade Duglan to do the work. Forena explained that they had already hired a guard and that she could pay half, but Judyn insisted that she would take full financial responsibility. Forena accepted this generous offer.

She also invited Forena's children (a 20-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son) to her house in Kuseme on the 25th, a Laranian holiday. This was a spontaneous idea which followed from her prior invitation to the acolyte Faras. The prior party being a success, they accept.

Forena also agreed to appear at the trial and to testify in Judyn's favor.

Maban Visits the Apothecary to Buy a Love Potion
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

Maban, in the mid-afternoon, had a flash of insight— to help seduce Garryx and get access to the Ivashu in the Arena, she would need more than a mere aphrodisiac to temporarily inflame his physical passion. She would need a potion to make Garryx fall hopelessly in love with her and do whatever he could to please her.

She abandoned her fortune-telling in the Square and sought out the best apothecary in the city. She quickly learned that the best apothecary in Coranan was Fargil of Krunos, whose shop was actually not in Coranan, but across the river in Kuseme— not far from Judyn's house. Apparently, Fargil was also a noted alchemist and a member of the Guild of Arcane Lore.

In the shop, she was greted by a short, round, dark-complexioned woman with a strange accent. The woman appeared to be a journeywoman, but appeared to speak rather presumptively on behalf of the master apothecary. Maban explained what she wanted, and the woman was dismissive, but as Maban revealed her own expertise about herblore, the woman began to speak more optimistically and in greater detail.

The dark-skinned woman explained that a love potion would be very difficult, and suggested that Maban might instead use a drug that saps the will— leaving the man happy and suggestible. Then he would follow anyone's orders, but it would only last for a short time, and it would leave the man suggestive to anyone. She also suggested one or two other alternatives, none of which were acceptable to Maban.

The woman agreed to talk with Fargil about it, and arranges for Maban to come back to consult. She didn't set a price, but it seemed clear to Maban that the price would be so high that Maban could not afford it, at least on her own. She did talk about possibly Maban doing work for the shop to help finance the cost. She also suggested to Maban that it would be helpful for to acquire something of the man she wished to use the potion on— ideally some blood— for the making of it.

A Letter to Laranz
23 Nolus 720 TR (Afternoon)

Wishing to speak confidentially without necessarily alerting his father, Judyn composed a letter to Laranz, the stonemason's son. Bowdyn had befriended him at the party, so Judyn wrote that Bowdyn would be the target of a suit the next day, and that he could help defend him. She gave an urchin a penny to delivery it. She had no idea whether Laranaz would show up or not…

Jaroud's Visits Two Dens of Inquity
23 Nolus 720 TR (Evening)

In the evening, Jaroud went to Tiny's brothel. There he found Tiny, and talked to him about the dogs that he was sent-- which he explained were wounded and/or sick, and could not be ready to fight for at least a month, if ever.

Tiny said that there must have been some sort of mistake as he had made arrangements for Jaroud to get “quality dogs”, and that he would get it sorted out soon. Jaroud then went on to say that as long as he wasn't exiled or killed, he'd be happy to train Tiny's dogs. He explained about the lawsuit, and indirectly asked if Tiny would help.

Tiny seemed willing, but upon learning that the trial was the very next day, and that the cobbler Hondash was the opponent, he said there wouldn't be enough time to arrange anything before the trial.

Jaroud then went to the House of the Seven Heavens, a courtesal house which was a much higher-class establishment than Tiny's wretched brothel. He had intended simply to deliver the token tha Hillay had given him and to chide them for having given it to a man's wife, but he learns that someone was inside who apparently wants to meet with Bowdyn there. Jaroud indicated that his friend Bowdyn was bed-ridden, but that he could meet with whoever was inside. After being asked to wait a while in the foyer (or rather in a small side room, he was whisked off to, so that he was out-of-side of the higher-class clientele), Jaroud was told that he could enter, but soley to meet with the 'distinguished gentleman'.

Jaroud was then led discretely into a small back room where there is a young woman playing the harp, while sitting on a bed. There was also a table heaped with food and wine. Sitting at the table is a hale and hearty man in his late fifties. The man, his hair only slightly gray, stated,“I am of Punat of Khonary and we have a lot to talk about!”

Punat spoke to Jaroud about a number of items. At first, he detailed his family's long and distinguished history— and it's current influence. Jaroud listened politely.

Punat then spoke about religion and Tharda's politics. He described how all of the gods were permiitted worship in Coranan— something that was permitted nowhere else in Hârn. He explained that this was not always the case— that there were times in the past where something upset the delicate religious balance in the city, which caused things to go terribly wrong. he mentioned the fanaticism of the Agrik-worshipping empire Saurach, the foolish decrees of the astrologer Workol, and of course, the Morgathian Jihad. Jaroud continued to listen politely.

Punat further elaborated that he represented a group of powerful and influential merchants, greatclan members, military officers, civic officials, and Senators who were determined that the religious balance and tolerance that currently existed in Coranan not be upset. He explained that this group was determined to see that nothing would happen that could disrupt the religious status quo. Punat then delivered his concluding statement, which was that, “For these reasons, you see, the establishment of a new Ilviran temple in the city simply is not acceptable and will not be permitted. We mean you no harm— and welcome Ilvirans here if they are only passing through on their way to Araka-Kalai. But you cannot found a temple here. If you must establish a temple, go to Shiran— or go to Telen— or go to Moleryn. Or go to Golotha or Aleath! Found your temple there— but do not seek to build it here in our city!”

Jaroud responded that their group is a small and peaceful one and that they mean to harm to anyone— and that comparing their plan to found a temple to the Morgathian Jihad seems unfair. Punat retorted that a small insignificant stone may start a great avalanche, even though it has no desire to do so, or awareness that such is within its power. Jaroud was tempted to protest further, but feared that his meager rhetorical skills would have little success in persuading Punat to see reason.

Instead, he politely insisted that he believed brother Olrau's desire to found a temple is the right one, and suggested that Punat go and see Brother Olrau to discuss things with him, if he wants to change the mind of the group.

At that point, Punat changes the subject and began to speak with Jaroud about his dog-raising business. Punat explained to Jaroud how wealthy he was— and that he could be his patron. Punat asked him, rather pointedly, if he had to choose between his business and his fellow missionaries, which he would choose. Jaroud indicated that he stood firmly with his fellow missionaries, and could not be persuaded to betray them.

Punat appeared disappointed by this answer but made a polite acceptance of it. He then left and told Jaroud to enjoy the rest of the food, but not to make any demands on the girls, as he had promised the Mistress of the House that no such demands would be put upon them. Jaroud ate a bit more and then left, to rejoin his fellows.

Meeting at the inn
23 Nolus 720 TR (Evening)

All the brethren (minus the still-injured Bowdyn) then gathered at the Scroll & Quill in the late evening. They went over the days events, including Jaroud's recent meeeting with Punat, and prepared for the lawsuit the next day. Kalrun asks Judyn about borrowing money for his Red Guard admission. She lends him the money necessary for the bribe.

Judyn reviewed what Vurnt had told her about the trial. All agreed that this would be a fine opportunity to publicize. They hoped that vindication would help there reputation in general. Judyn urged that they should present a united front behind Brother Olrau— saying aside to Maban that at least they were in agreement with him on the matter of the court case. In particular, she privately felt that Olrau would make a great impression on Punat's son Laranz. The other missionaries agreed.

Kalrun Joins the Red Guard
24 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

The next morning, Kalrun went to the castle where he gave his money to Arbun, who walked him through the process, introducing him to various officers, paying out some amounts as well as pocketing a certain portion for himself. He was successfully instated as a member of the Red Guard and was given an old and moth-eaten cloak. He was also offered poor-quality arms and armor, but instead elected to keep his own. He was told to report the next day for actual duty.

As the trial was just in a few hours, he tried to find a tailor to mend his cloak— or at least make it look better, but he failed to find one who could do so in time. Instead, he resolved to shop up in the old, moth-eaten cloak rather than no cloak.

Jaroud visits Mother Ella
24 Nolus 720 TR (Morning)

Jaroud went to the Peonian temple in the morning, to find Mother Ella, whom he had brought to help heal Mykel. He talked to her about Hondash, who was known to her as a Peonian in good standing though his violent outbursts were well known. He asked her to come to the trial and “do what you think is right”, but she declined.

The Trial
24 Nolus 720 TR (Noon)

The group gathered an hour before the trial at the house of Vurnt the litigant. There he went through some last-minute instructions and advice. He was quite surprised that Kalrun had joined the Red Guard, but it clearly helped the case that one of the group was now a member of the city guard.

Going to the courtroom, they arrived on time. The courtroom was extremely full, as the missionaries (at Judyn's suggestion) had hired criers to announce the trial throughout the city, as they had felt confident that Ilvir would see them through— and thought it help their cause for the townspeople to see them vindicated. They were relieved to see that many of their friends were there. (A result of Judyn's highly successful Circles roll the day before.) There was a suggestion to move the court out into the street so more could witness, but it was overruled by the bailiff, who insisted the magistrate would want nothing to do with it.

Hondash was late, but he eventually arrived with his family, apprentices, and several friends— almost all of whom were in the crowd who were with him when he delivered the summons. The magistrate, Bertin of Nordaka, was even later, though. He came in looking rather hung over, and demanded that the speakers limit their speeches to his fast hourglass, and that they would be for every time he turned it. Hondash's daughter was there, who caught Jaroud's eye.

The trial began with opening arguments. Hondash's accusations were explained first by a friend of his, Rogyn, acting as litigant. Rogyn emphasized the fact that Hondash and all of his friends were native Corani, while the Ilvirans were all foreigners and worshippers of a foreign god. He also recounted the troubles that Hondash had suffered since they came to town— the 'monster' perching on his shop, the death of his journeyman and future son-in-law, the attack on him by Kalrun, the vandalism of his shop, and— the receipt of a threatening letter that said, “The journeyman was only the first. We will kill your whole family and then you, just like we did to your father!” Rogyn held up the letter for all to see and pointed out that it had a wax seal with an image of a serpent on it— the symbol of Ilvir. This was a great shock to the missionaries ,who had neard nothing of this.

Vurnt then spoke about various legalities, noting that it was not surprising that the missionaries were foreigners— after all what would one expect in the Foreigner's Court! He also made a viscious character denunciation of Hondash, nothing that the man had always been known for his poor temper and for beating his wife and children. In fact, he even insinuated that Hondash's son, who had apparently died in childhood, had done so from wounds Hondash himself had inflicted. He then introduced Brother Olrau who would be speaking for the missionaries. With the others, Olrau prayed for Ilvir to grant him a boon to aid his speaking. [Note: This was a succssful Faith Roll that open-ended Olrau's Oratory skill for the duration of the trial.]

The character witnesses for both sides then spoke, first all of Hondash's and then all of those for the Ilviran side. The people that Judyn had arranged were more impressive, socially than Hondash's witnesses, and the magistrate seemed to heed the testimony o these high ranking guildsman and greatclan members more than Hondash's friends. [This gave advantageous dice to the missionaries.] (He also appeared surprised that Hondash had no patron speaking for him).

Both sides then began a cross-examination of the issues. Hondash demanded exile or death by strangulation of the foreigners. He blasted them as foreigners bringing a foreign, evil god into the city -- and that they were in league with other evil forces, a reference to the Agrikan priestess Analia. In turn, Olrau blasted him for blasphemy against Ilvir and slander them, of blaming the Ilvirans for his own malice and incompetence in sending his journeyman to the roof. Kalrun lent his booming voice to the counter-charges, giving force to the words. [The Body of Argument for both sides was 18, with Kalrun spending his Booming Voice Trait to re-roll traitors trait]. Hondash asked the judge that all the Ilvirans would be sentenced to exile or death by strangulation, if they refused to leave. The Ilvirans sought that Hondash would be found guilty of slander and blasphemy -- calling for a public apology, additional fines, and the branding of his his tongue.

Both sides were swift in their points. Hondash's friend sought to dismiss, denouncing the magistrate not to listen to the poisoned tongues of the foreign Ilvirans, but to render judgement then and there. Olrau hammered home that the blame for dead journeyman lay with Hondash, and it was blasphemy to denounce the gods for his callous regard for his late journeyman's wife. [Hondash gained 8 successes, while Olrau rolled an astounding 24 successes using the bribe dice, the fact that his roll was open-ended, as well as his own Charismatic trait to reroll all traitors, with 2 Persona points further being thrown in by Maban and Kalrun.]

The magistrate needed no further testimony to come to his verdict. He found the missionaries innocent of all the charges against them. Moreover, he declared that Hondash himself was guilty of blasphemy, for publically insulting a god and speaking ill of a divine omen (i.e. the appearance of the Umbathri). However, he stopped short of issuing a severe punishment (branding on the tongue) or a fine on Hondash, and instead ordered him to make a public apology, in Kotros Square, both to the missionaries and to the people of the city for or having spoken ill of a known god, however foreign, and potentially bringing down divine wrath upon all in Coranan.

The missionaries and their supporters cheered the verdict, but Hondash stood up and immediately becan hurling accusations and insults against them, the magistrate, the court and the various people who spoke. The magistrate fined him several hundred pence for this outburst of contempt, and continued to impose additional fines as Hondash's friends dragged him, still shouting, out the doors.