Brawny Thews PCs

         The PCs are all from the same village in Cimmeria. Some have wandered afield from it, but by the time of the Turanian invasion they had all found themselves once more in their ancestral homes.

An older man in his 40s, but stronger than any two civilized men and more dangerous unarmed than they with swords. He is a leader in the village and father of the twins (Eanbotha and Canbotha). Since early war campaigns, he has stayed in the village and been a responsible leader, husband, and father. Within the village, he has been dubbed "Peacemaker" for resolving disputes, but his peace is the sort from firm words and reeling heads. Like most Cimmerians, he has few words, but they have eloquence and force. Physically, he is a massive bull of a figure, with tree-like arms and brown curly hair in a thin fringe over the massive muscles of his chest. He has a short brown beard, which stands in contrast to his shaven head.
A young man in his early twenties, with a wild nature. Since coming of age, he has roamed the lands near Cimmeria for several years as hunter and mercenary, with nothing to tame him. He has become known particularly for his way with animals, and was dubbed "Tamer of Horses" upon his return to the village. He is nephew of Cruaidh, and friend of his younger cousins. Physically, he is rippling with muscles strung sleekly over a powerful frame, like the horses he breaks. His skin is deeply browned from outland suns, his eyes blue and brightly flashing, his face clean-shaven; while a shock of tousled black hair crowns his broad forehead.
A man in his thirties, with dark looks to match his moods. He is sharp-witted and skillful, but also capable of sudden, shocking brutality. He has been viewed with suspicion by many, but his dire words have often proved right. He has traveled far -- escaping by wits, bluff, and threat as well as force of arms. Physically, he is tall and broad and dark. A mat of thick black curly hair runs up his torso to cover the lean but powerful frame. His black hair is cropped short, ranging over a dark scarred face, with a trimmed mustache and eyes which pierce their prey with feral intensity.
A man in his thirties, a swift and forthright warrior of his people. Cumal joined with other Cimmerian tribes to fight in early clashes with raiding Picts and Hyrkanians. In a distant village he fell in love and married a Cimmerian woman, Erin. However, she died in childbirth. Since then he has fought all the more to defend and unite the Cimmerian people. Physically, he is sleekly built with broad shoulders, powerful arms, and thin waist. He moves with the quickness of a panther, and his brown skin gleams with the sun of the wastelands that colored it. He is clean-shaven, while a wave of deep brown hair crests his head, and his blue eyes smoulder beneath.
The 19-year-old son of Cruaidh, brother to his identical twin Canbotha. Eanbotha was born first, though, and has always taken the greater share of responsibility. Their father taught his sons well, and they both fight like seasoned warriors. Eanbotha pursued skillful and intricate swordplay to match his serious warrior ambitions. Physically, he is swift and powerful, moving like a watchful tiger. His sinewy arms move his sword in graceful but deadly curves. His long dark hair is generally tied back, while his deep brown eyes reflect the weight he bears.
The 19-year-old son of Cruaidh, brother to his identical twin Canbotha. Canbotha was born second, and has rebelled against the pressure to be like his "good" brother. He, too, learned his lessons in fighting well -- though as much from dodging his father's blows as from the more formal lessons. He is reckless and unorthodox in his fighting, striking unexpectedly. Physically, he is sleekly muscled and powerful, moving like a wolf -- with a silent casual walk that can burst into sudden savagery. His long dark hair falls loosely over his brawny shoulders, and his deep brown eyes alternately twinkle with laughter and flash with fire.

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