The Land of Neng

     This is information from role-playing campaign, entitled "Friends of the Fox" set in the Land of Neng. This is a narrative/tabletop role-playing game which was played in Huntington Beach, California from 1998-1999. It is set in an original fantasy world designed by Joshua Macy, together with Russell Impagliazzo. The rules used changed twice: from Fantasy HERO to Rolemaster to a FUDGE variant.

GM: Joshua Macy. Players: Russell Impagliazzo, Tony, Dutch, John Kim, and Liz Henry.

     Neng is a land rife with spirits, from small water sprites to powerful gods. It is inhabited primarily by humans, who have split into very distinctive races due to the influence of the spirits of the land.

The Land of Neng
Background on the mythology, nations, and races of Neng.
Magic in the Land of Neng
A bare outline right now of the animistic-style magic which is used in this world.
Cast of Characters
An overview of characters, both PC and NPC.
Campaign Episode Notes
An outline of the events of the campaign, currently out of date by several months.


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