Janyce's Cthulhu Campaigns

         This is a set of player notes on a set of Call of Cthulhu campaigns with a shared timeline run by Janyce Engan. The timeline has run from the late 1920s into early 1932 (as of March 2007 in real-world time). There is an over-arching plot over this, as dark forces are slowly overtaking the globe. Economic depression has set in six months later than our history, but more strongly -- and within Germany and elsewhere the fascists are rising to power more quickly. There are unexplained events visible to the world, like the moon rising blood red over England on Boxing Day of 1930.

Henrik Mueller
My player character for "The Mystery of Bailey", a German artist now living in Scotland. He is a philosophical type transformed by his harrowing experiences in the trenches of the Great War. There are also sub-pages for specific parts:

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