Henrik Mueller's Journal

Dec. 17, 1931 - Sketches on Sandø island. Here in December, the island seems dark and dreary even when there is full sunlight. Especially, though, it is the sense of desolation, of vast space which grabs you. I can only imagine what those shipwrecked sailors felt ages ago.

Above is looking across the large fjord at rock formation near sunset. The sea sort of winds its way around here -- you can't get away from it.

Looking down from a hill at a wide plain towards the south of the island. I was staying out later than I probably should, and had to work the last of the way back to camp in the dark.

Dec. 20, 1931 - Working on a portrait sketch while on board ship back to Aberdeen.

The third attempt, which I went back to after my disastrous attempt to show the wristmarks earlier. She comes out looking older than she really is. The lines are there, but they don't show the way I'm drawing them. The shadows come darker because I've gone over it too much.

Dec. 22, 1931 - Finishing up a picture of the inn we stayed at, near Bailey.

I saw it only at night the first two times I went there, first from the train and then returning with Rebecca from Bailey in the middle of the night. Still, it keeps the quaint atmosphere of the country inn. It seemed like a softer, more blurry touch was called for.

Sep. 30, 1932 - Sketching the landscape of Chalone on the occasion of Carl's memorial.

Re-doing a Kabbalah drawing after Carl's references in his letter.