Shadow of a Doubt

         This is an Amber campaign started in June 2006, GMed by Madeline Ferwerda. It is set in the standard Amber cosmos after the Patternfall War. However, the PCs all began ignorant of Amber itself. Instead, they all know each other as fellow resistance fighters in a common shadow reality. There, it is an alternate history where the United States stayed out of WWII, and Germany successfully invaded England in 1941. The campaign began with the PCs as resistance fighters in occupied England in 1943.

Janica Krejci (played by Lee)
A Czech woman who appeared in London after the Nazi invasion. She is 39 years old, 5'4" with straight dark hair, and now works as a paralegal. Little is known of her background. She apparently put herself through school, but her town was razed in the Nazi occupation.
Initial Stats - Secrets: 1st, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 5th, Endurance: 3rd, Warfare: 3rd*
Federico Lombardini (played by Bill)
A working-class American immigrant, who was sentenced to conscription during WWI due to his union connections. He served with Major Ashton-Dent, and stayed in London after the war where he was eventually re-radicalized. He is now in his early forties, tall (6'3") and wiry, with black hair. He owns a machine shop. His health was broken of late from a number of scraps. He also has been watched by the German occupation lately, which has shaken his self-confidence.
Initial Stats - Secrets: 2nd, Psyche: 5th, Strength: 3rd, Endurance: 1st, Warfare: 3rd*
Alexandra Debonham-Fitch (played by Cynthia)
An upper-class young woman, now 23, with light brown hair, grey eyes, around 5'5", fit and thin. Six years ago, she ran off to the Spanish Civil War upon her society debut, with her 19 year-old male cousin. She is on shaky terms with half of her family, and ostrasized by the remainder. Her old hobbies were field hockey and singing.
Initial Stats - Secrets: 5th, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 1st, Endurance: 4th, Warfare: 5th
Hector Ashton-Dent (played by Liz)
A former Major in the English army who served in Inia and Africa. He is a solidly-built 6'0" with ash-blonde grizzled hair, in his late forties. He is a social conservative, keen on bare-knuckle boxing, horse racing, and hunting.
Initial Stats - Secrets: 3rd, Psyche: 4th, Strength: 2nd, Endurance: 2nd, Warfare: 4th
Manfred Flachsbart (played by John)
A German officer, secretly a homosexual, who has become an agent for the English resistance.
Initial Stats - Secrets: 4th, Psyche: 3rd, Strength: 4th, Endurance: 5th, Warfare: 1st

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