Shadow of a Doubt: Auction

  Secrets: Psyche: Strength: Endurance: Warfare: SPENT MODS
Janica (18) (22) (5) (21) (26) [92] [+0]
Federico (15) (5+5=10) (18-5-5-3+5=10) (24) (33-7=26) [95] [-10]
Hector (6) (24-5-5=14) (16) (23) (28-6-3=19) [97] [-19]
Manfred (3) (21) (7) (10) (37-6=31) [78] [-6]
Alexandra (7-5=2) (15+7=22) (25) (9+4+4=17) (18) [74] [+10]

Pit of Vipers

Federico got beaten up by Hector and by Alexandra, the first in a brawl over patriotism (?), the second because he kept on calling her Grand Duchess. Each time he took damage that knocked him down 5 points in Strength... Perhaps a broken knee? Perhaps a constant remembrance of humiliation?

Federico also also lost vigour after Manfred snuck him into an empty office building to spy... An office building that was then fumigated with him in it, unable to leave for hours. He lost 3 points of Strength from the ordeal. In all, he tumbled from 2nd rank to 5th.

Federico also took a hit to Warfare to the tune of 7 points lost, after Janica tipped the German occupation to him to take the heat off someone she was helping escape... Being constantly watched shook his self-confidence, and that lead to a vicious cycle in which he dropped down to Janica's level of skill.

Manfred was to take a gang of East-End thugs to disrupt a Party meeting, but they refused to take orders from him. Federico swept in to take charge. Manfred took it hard, to the tune of 6 Warfare lost.

Alexandra got better at Endurance to the tune of 4 points after she and Hector lived off the land on the run from blowing up a Nazi arms depot. "I thought you how to dry and eat bugs to survive. So useful!!!!" Manfred also apparently thought Alexandra needed some help with her ability to last it out, so he hooked her up with a women's spa and gym with lots of sporty types eager to help her training... And help her they did, 4 point's worth, passing Manfred himself to take 4th rank of Endurance.

Alexandra picked up a great deal more understanding of the intricacies of the world after Federico took her to Camden-town to meet working class traders and merchants, to the tune of 7 points, moving her up to Janica's level of acuteness.

Federico picked up a great deal more understanding of the intricacies of the world after Alexandra spent some time discussing with him the concept of not prejudging people due to their class background... 5 points of Psyche enlightened him a bit.

Federico also benefitted from Janica's intervention, when, feeling really bad about calling Nazi suspicions on him, and noting how much damage he'd been taking, she introduced him to her friend Kurt the gymnastics trainer. Kurt ended up helping him work away some of the pain and increase his flexibility again, for 5 points of Strength, raising him to 3rd rank from 5th.

Hector suffered in the wars. He sustained a brain injury, and occasionally gets debilitating migraines during which it's very hard to focus on anything. An important operation behind the lines got cancelled because one of his trusted subordinates was indiscreet, and now he's less confident in his ability to judge people's capabilities. Each of these cost him 5 points of Psyche, dropping him from 1st rank to 4th.

Hector got a lot of bad intel, and it instilled bad habits in him, to the tune of 6 points of Warfare lost. He skillfully assassinated a visiting Nazi bigwig, and then had to spend the next six months hiding in the Orkneys to escape the enormous backlash, missing out on plum missions... Perhaps it was the frustration that cost him 3 points of Warfare there. In all, he dropped from 2nd rank to 4th.

Alexandra wrote an autobiography that revealed all of her sister's secrets, and then they, all five of them, also wrote autobiographies that revealed her secrets. The glaring indiscretions on all parts cost her 5 points in Secrets, moving her from 3rd to 5th.

Janica, mysteriously, was untouched by the cruel hand of fate.

Initial Rankings

The following shows the rankings after the Pit of Vipers rounds were complete. An asterix indicates a tied score.

Janica Krejci (played by Lee)
Secrets: 1st, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 5th, Endurance: 3rd, Warfare: 3rd*
Federico Lombardini (played by Bill)
Secrets: 2nd, Psyche: 5th, Strength: 3rd, Endurance: 1st, Warfare: 3rd*
Alexandra Debonham-Fitch (played by Cynthia)
Secrets: 5th, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 1st, Endurance: 4th, Warfare: 5th
Hector Ashton-Dent (played by Liz)
Secrets: 3rd, Psyche: 4th, Strength: 2nd, Endurance: 2nd, Warfare: 4th
Manfred Flachsbart (played by John)
Secrets: 4th, Psyche: 3rd, Strength: 4th, Endurance: 5th, Warfare: 1st


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