Lagakin Tribes


         "Lagakin" ("Lake-Kin") is the Vinlander term for the local native tribes. These include tribes along the East Coast from present-day New Brunswick to Long Island. The unifying features of these tribes are their languages, their mythologies, and most importantly their reliance on coastal waterways. Their languages are all of the Algonquian family. The term "algonquian" is a French word adapted from Western tribes around the Great Lakes.

         Algonquian-speaking tribes south of Long Island are referred to as "Smoke People" or simply "Southerners". Iroquoian-speaking tribes are known to the Vinlanders only as "Redaxes" for their warlike raids.

         The link below shows a map of the rough distribution of tribal groups. Northernmost is the Micmac. Proceeding south are the Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Eastern Abenaki, Western Abenaki, Wampanoag, Nipmuck, Mahican, Narragansett, and Pequot. The Montauk (on present-day Long Island) are the southernmost. (cf the accompanying map.)

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