The Lagakin Way of Life


         The Lagakin of Vinland are varied in their ways of life, in particular changing from the farming lifestyle of the southern tribes to the more nomadic lifestyle of the northern tribes. The unifying features of these tribes are their languages, their mythologies, and most importantly their reliance on coastal waterways. Thus, the Vinlander term for them of "Lagakin" ("Lake-kin") is very apt.

         The tribes of the North rely heavily on hunting, fishing, and gathering. The Micmac cultivate no crops other than tobacco. They move from camp to camp along the rivers and coast. The camp sites have frames of old tents, while they carry with them furs to cover the tent frames. Further south, the Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, and Abenaki reap a limited harvest of corn, squash, and beans mostly in fertile river valleys. They still move from camp to camp throughout the year.


Seasonal Life



Food and Drink




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