MWWG Background

         Once there was a happy, peaceful planet, much the same as Earth... except it was happy and peaceful. Nope, wrong story. Once, there was an alternate world, much like our own, torn by war and strife, where armies of men fought long, hard wars with the long, hard weapons, a global contest of "my sword is longer than yours...", fighting over women who simply wanted them to put the damn things away and quit scaring the children. There were few Macho Women in those days. While their swords were as long as hard as their male counterparts, they were for some reason considered less qualified to wield one, and so were left at home. Consequently, they tended to live longer, and thus showed the advantages of brains over brawn.

         As civilization advanced, and mankind became more socially advanced, these conflicts and bloody wars were fought over ever more noble causes, and technology turned the contest into "my gun is bigger than yours...". In some cases, this may have been "my gun may not be as big, but it can shoot more often...", but that's besides the point. They tended to go off while being cleaned, regardless. Again, the men went off and killed each other, and the women stayed home and collected life insurance.

         In the 1990's, this world began to collapse. Under a string of incompetent (male) leaders, the national economies began to collapse. Under greedy (male) corporate executives, the environment was poisoned. Under tacky (male) game designers, women were exploited in role-playing system packaging. That, of course, was the last straw. The Seventh Seal of the Apocalypse was broken, the Four Horsemen rode forth, and disco made a comeback. The fabric of society collapsed, the states and nations crumbled, and Hell itself vomited forth a plague of lawyers and tax collectors to ravage the land.

         Where were the men responsible for this? For the most part, they retreated far underground, where safe in their bunkers, they were content to stay perpetually inebriated and watch videotapes of pro football matches and professional wrestling. Others, under the influence of ozone depletion, toxic waste, flouridated drinking water or the New Kids on the Block, mutated into violent parodies of their former selves, wandering the land and committing senseless acts of tasteless violence. Dimensional warps appeared and disappeared, leaving strange creatures and unknown territory in their wake. People huddled in their houses, terrified to face the unnatural and inexplicable phenomena that lurked around every corner.

         Rebuilding the world was left to the only people capable of the task, women. Time had come for a change. Those who held the old idea of "new world order" were in for a rude surprise. The world was under an evil spell. Five thousand years of male domination and screwing things... up stalked the land in tangible form, and there was only one thing that could stop it.

Macho Women with Guns!

         Armed with rifles, swords, spears, other lethal phallic symbols and an attitude, they have left the safe enclaves. In the violent, odd and contradictory society that remains, they're out for the one thing they haven't been getting forthe past five millenia: Respect!

         Civilization has collapsed. Most of the world is in turmoil and disarray, with all normal lines of authority out for the count. The only social structures with any respect are religions, the most militant of which is the Roman Catholic Church (and Bingo Society). Most of the lawless regions of the U.S. that have been recovered are under the control of the Church, where law and order are kept by crack squads of militant nuns. In these areas, life has returned more or less to normal, although strange and bizarre things still happen whenever needed to advance the plot. In the outlands, Macho Women hold their own against the bandits and monsters, travelling from fortified town to fortified town, and Demonic Bimbos take up the slack wherever needed. Together, the three groups have an uneasy gender-based alliance to restore order, wreak havoc, and kick butt.


From MWWG, 2nd edition, by Greg Porter (full credits) Last modified: Fri Jan 19 00:28:13 2007