Macho Women With Guns Credits

Copyright 1988, 1994 by Greg Porter

Published by:
Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
1925 Airy Circle
Richmond, VA 23233

Design: Greg Porter
Inspiration: Cathy DeMott
Playtesters: *
Artwork: Liz Danforth, Darrell Midgette, Mark E. Rogers, Dan Smith
Special thanx: John Kolb, Jasper Merendino

Printed in the United States of America
All rights reserved

3rd edition, June 1994

This work is protected by the Universial Copyright Conventions, whatever the Hell that is, and should you have the bad taste to actually reprint it without our premission, we'll be forced to send Amazon Bitches from Hell after you to make you regret the error of your ways. Macho Women with Guns is BTRC's trademark for its satirical, mildly offensive, parody role- playing game.

* This line is deliberately left blank