Extended Rules and Options

Combat Magic

Normally Focus abilities are not suited for comabt purposes. Destruction can occur and people can be taken out of commition for some time but there are no rules how to use it in a combat situation.
To use an ability in combat costs one additional point during character creation. Now the ability is used like a normal attack with the focus level used as CP.
The character should spend another point to learn the ability "shield". This makes it possible to redirekt damage which would normally cost CP to lower the Focus. Remember if one has no CP at all he doesn't even stand one measly turn against a martial artist and it doesn't matter how high his Focus is if he has no shield. Lost Focus is regained at bout 1 point per hour.
If a character spends only one point for a focus ability and declares it combat-only he is not able to use it non-combat situations. Unless otherwise mentioned each combat spell deals 1 point of damage. For every additional point invested during purchase of the ability enhances the damage by one. Alternatively a minimum value can be set the character must have in his focus ability to learn a more poweful spell with less cost.
If you are interested in more detailed spell rules have a look at the Slayers background setting.


For that even characters with a focus attribute of lesser than 5 can cast spells they can make a ritual. All characters participating it describe the desired effect to the GM. He sets a target value. The characters add all their focus levels plus a d10 roll together. If they have at least the target value reached. The ritual was a success. The duration of the ritual is up to the GM.
At least one of the participants must have the Focus ability "rituals". It can be obtained like every other ability.

Heavy Attacks

In combat a fighter may lower his CP at the beginning of a round by a certain value. The rolls are handled then. If the fighter with his lowered CP wins this round he makes damage equal to the lowered vlue plus one. However, if he loses his full CP drops by 1 (not his lowered). A fighter may never lower his CP to less than a half of it.


This describes items that are raising the characters' attributes. Appearance is not very important but an artifact should be able to carry it in one hand so it may be dropped or lost. An artifact can exist for almost any attribute: a mini-computer for inventor or intelligence, a magical weapon to raise the CP, a moonstone for focus, etc.
No character should have more than one artifact and this should only apply to his best attribute. Finally, this bonus shouldn't be higher than +3.
Characters can get an artifact already at their creation. For spending 1 point they get an +2 artifct for their best attribute.


When a player distributes points to his character he is not allowed to combine some attributes. This is to promote clichés. For example strength and looks are allowed but none of them can be combined with intelligence. Remember to incorporate the attributes into the background of a character. If he has strength and wealth he is more likely a star quarterback than the son of rich parents.

Problems of powerful Characters

The more powerful a character the stronger is a disadvantage he has. As a rule of thump give every character a disadvantage worth the half of his best attribute.

Disadvantages of high Attributes

The higher an attribute the more it will impact in day-to-day life of the character (and maybe his surrounding, too). One with popularity or looks of 5+ will have getting problems being alone for a single minute if not at home. Dozens of fans are constantly clinging to him. Martial artists are drawing attention to other fighters like a magnet. With a very high procuring a character will need much time to keeping his stuff in order or it will happen all too often that he gets not the right thing but a similar (a hammer instead of screwdriver or broom instead of a flagpole).

Similar Attributes

In combat strength can be substituted for combat techniques. There are more similarities between other attributes: Naturally each time an attribute is substituted the GM must decide how good it fits into the situation.
Example: If one wants to break a door with a well place martial arts kick instead of using brutal power, he can use half his level in combat techniques to try it. But if he wants to try to bend metal bars with combat techniques he is only allowed to tke a quarter of his level (and only if the GM has a good day).
Colons are always rounded down.