Power beyond the twilight
and crimson blood that flows
Buried in the stream of time
is where your power grows
I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand
Against the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand
(Lina Inverse invoking the Dragon Slave)


The fantasy world of Lina & co shall show ManGa can even be used for (more or less) "normal" roleplaying.
Magic is in this world extremely powerful. For that reason no character needs to raise his Focus attribute to 5 before he has supernatural abilities. Moreover, Focus is divided into 4 groups:

Those 4 fields are used like seperate attributes (especially if you want to raise them with experience points). A magic-user can have up to 3 of them at his creation but then must be one of them General Magic. It is not allowed to start with Black, White and Shamanist Magic together. It is possible to learn the missing field later, though.
In opposition to the basic rules a mage can use all spells in his fields which have the same or lower level as his field. He can even possess knowledge about higher spells, though he is not able to use them.
Example: Lina mastered all spells of Black Magic to level 10. She even knoes the Giga Slave (Level 13) but needs the Sword of Light (Focus +3) to use it.
The GM can limit the knowledge of some spells. Moreover, the GM should ensure non-magic-users don't feel outclassed by their magic-wielding companions.

The highest magical attribute (one of the four fields) is the so called prime attribute (PA). Some spells cost power and lower the PA (even if they are from nother field). Lost PA is restored at 1 point per hour unless otherwise noted. If the PA sinks to 0, the mage can't cast any spells at all anymore. If the PA is smaller than other fields' attribute level they are set to the PA value.
Example: Lina casts three Fire Brands one-by-one. Her PA drops from 10 to 4. Her attribute General Magic which is normally 5 drops to 4, too.
Corresponding to the above rule a mage can cast only those spells which have a level equal or lower than their actual attribute level in the specific field.
Example: Amelia casts the Fireball (Black Magic) thus lowering her PA (Shamanist Magic) by 1 to 6. During the next hour she is unable to cast a Rohtilt (level 7).
In the series the last rule is obviously never used. There a magic user can cast any spell if he has the appropriate value in the corresponding magic attribute and enough PA points left to pay the spell cost (if any).

The Characters

Lina Inverse

- Black Magic 10
- White Magic 3
- General Magic 5
Combat techniques 4
Looks 1
Glutton -1
Disadvantage (no magic during the day of the month) -1

Gourry Gabriev

Combat techniques 10
Looks 3
Artifact (Sword of Light) 3
Glutton -1
Clueless -1


- Shamanist Magic 9
- Black Magic 5
- General Magic 3
Combat techniques 6
Henchmen 3
- Black Magic 9 (Zolf)
- Combat techniques 9 (Rhodimus)
- Combat techniques 7 (Diilgear)


- White Magic 5
- Shamanist Magic 7
- General Magic 5
Cuteness 3
Disadvantage (no magic during the day of the month) -1


- White Magic 9
- General Magic 5
Combat techniques 2
Disadvantage (no magic during the day of the month) -1


Combat techniques 9
Artifact (Demonic Howling Sword) 3


- Black Magic 6
- General Magic 7


- White Magic 9
- Black Magic 5
- General Magic 7
Disadvantage (no magic during the day of the month) -1

Prinz Phillionel "Phil" di Seyruun

Combat techniques 7
- Pacifist-Crush
- Kindness-to-all-Creatures-Kick
- Goodwill-...
Wealth 9


- Black Magic 12
- White Magic 10
- Shamanist Magic 9
- General Magic 8
Combat techniques 9
Henchmen 6
- Zelgadis
- Eris
- ...
Alchemist 8

Copy-Rezo (with Zanafar)

- Black Magic 12(22)
- White Magic 10(20)
- Shamanist Magic 9(19)
- General Magic 8(18)
Combat techniques 9(11)
Henchmen 1(0)
- Eris

Now follows the description of a typical adventurer group:


- White Magig 4
Combat techniques 5
Artifact 1 (quarterstaff: +2 to combat techniques)
Treelar is a warrior monk from Sairaag. After the Destruction of New-Sairaag (Slayers TV Episode #19) he left his home for good to see the world. His quarterstaff is made from a branch of the holy tree Flagoon.


Combat techniques 7
Strength 4
Clueless -1
Brog is a barbarian from the borderlands who came due to poor curiosity into the civilised lands. He likes to act first and think then and is a little bit dim-witted. He swings a mighty club no-one wants to feel.


Combat techniques 3
Looks 3
Coolness 3
Procuring of (Rose) 1
Varn is a gentleman-thief and Rogue. He is completely convinced of his own beauty and shows off a cool demeanor, what makes him even more attractive.
He always carries a rose he gives beautyful women or uses as a trademark after a successful housebreaking (No! He can't throw them). If he is forced to fight he uses a rapier but he prefers to overcome dangerous situations with his wits and charme.


- Black Magic 6
- General Magig 5
Disadvantage (no magic during the day at the month) -1
Seline is a mage who just finished her training. She is anxious to see the world because she has enough of dusty classrooms and libraries. As a student of the arts of Black Magic it is her ultimate goal to learn the dragon slave.


The Sword of Light

Combat techniques +3
Focus +3

The Bless Blade

Combat techniques +10
Focus +10

The Demonic Howling Sword

Focus 1
- Demonvortex (own CT+3)

The Philosophers Stone

Focus +20


Magic Missile - Black Magic(1), General Magic(5)

This is the basic attack spell. He deals 1 CT damage. Additionally the mage can decide one special ability each time: fire (Flare Arrow), ice (Freeze Arrow), shock (Digger Bolt), wind (Diem Wing), energie (Blam Blazer), or spiritual energy (Almekia Lance).

Fireball - Black Magic(4)

This attack spell is so popular every magic-user caling himself a real mage can use it. He deals 2 ponts of damage, has a radius of 5 m (15 feet), and ignites. The PA is lowered by 1.

Light - General Magic(2)

Creates a magical Lightsource, which can be holded, hover in the air or thrown like a ball. Some can even use it to blind their enemies in combat (CT is lowered by 1 for the net round, enables flight).

Levitation - General Magic(3)

Allows to fly or just hover in the air.

Dragon Slave - Black Magic(7)

One of the mightiest attack spells. The damage he deals is enormous: 7 points of damage in a radius of 50 m (150 feet). The PA drops by 5 points.
The GM should permit this spell only after performing a successful quest because this spell isn't taught to every wannabe mage.

Rohtilt - Shamanist Magic(7)

This spell is similar in power to the Dragon Slave but it can only harm ghosts, demons, and monsters from the spiritual plane. Against normal beings (like you and me) he simply doesn't work. He lowers the PA by 4 points.

Shadow Snap - Shamanist Magic(3)

With this spell a mage can capture the shadow of his victim. A captured is unable to flee a fights with CT-2 as long as the captured doesn't get free. Removing the dagger (one round no other action possible) or the shadow (with much light everywhere) will help.

Dark Mist - General Magic(4)

A thick fog covers a large area. Combat is impossible due to obscured vision and hearing.

Healing - White Magic(3)

This spell restores lost CT. He takes some time to cast so it is not possible to use it in combat.

Mega Brand - Black Magic(6)

It is a stronger version of the Fireball. In a radius of 5 m (15 feet) around the target it deals 4 points of damage. The PA drops by 2 points.

Mega Brand (Rezo Special) - Black Magic(12)

A spell only second to the Giga Slave in its destructive capabilites: 10 points of damage to all and everything in a diameter of approximately 1 km. The PA is lowered by 12.

Giga Slave - Black Magic(13)

And here it is: the ultimate destruction spell. Nothing can stand against it. Only a handful of persons knows how to use it but none of them is able to (even Lina needs the Sowrd of Light). The damage it yields is not measureable. The PA is set to 0 and it starts to regenerate not before after 24 hours.

Earth Spiker - Shamanist Magic(5)

In an area of 100 m (900 square feet) are rising giant stone spikes impaling all enemies. Every being in this area is attacked with a base CT of 5+1W10. If the victims CT plus die roll is lower he suffers 3 points of damage. The Earth Spiker costs 1 PA.

Megano Flare - White Magic(7)

The mightiest exorcism spell. In a 100 m diameter all ghosts are sucked into the nexus plane thus leaving our world forever. It lowers the main attribute for 3 points.

Shield - White Magic(3), General Magic(6)

Shield defends of damage yielded through magic or physical attacks. Damage lowering the CT now lowers the PA by the same amount. A shield is normally a globe with a 2 m Radius (enough to cover companions).

Holy Shield - White Magic(5)

This shield blocks up to 10 points of CT before dissolving. He lasts 5 minutes and lowers the PA by 3.

Enchant - General Magic(5)

This allows minor, permanent enchantments on objects (light, warmth, etc) or stronger ones with a limited duration (an artifact which enhances an attribute by 1). The PA is lowered by 1.

More Infos

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