Campaign Style Analysis

         This is a discussion of the style behind my 'Worlds in Collision' campaign. I would like to avoid using any sort of jargon, but instead talk in plain English about my thought processes, intentions, and reactions as GM. The campaign was run in early 1989, during my sophmore year in college at U of Chicago. The campaign was on the extreme side in a particular style of GM-ing, where I as GM designed lots of background and then gave the PCs pretty free reign to do whatever they liked in it. The players were pro-active in seeking out and confronting parts of the background which they were interested in.

Original Discussion

The following are some excerpts from discussion about the Worlds-In-Collision campaign which I have done in two forums, (early on) and much later in The Forge. Much of the text of these were excerpted for my analysis above -- but of interest might be the reactions of two of the players. The discussions particularly emphasize how the players controlled the plot, and what their feeling was about this.


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