Water-uphill World

         This is a role-playing game in the genre of C.S. Lewis' Narnia series or Frank L. Baum's Oz books: children from our world (and modern times) are transported to a fantasy world where strange things happen to them. The player characters in this case are four friends from a private school in Chicago who find themselves in a bizarre world where water runs uphill.

         They wander into the palace of the land's ruler (currently a regent acting for a young princess), where they found a place to stay and tried to make some sense of their strange surroundings.

Player Characters
PC Descriptions
PC Stuff (i.e. items carried)
PC Game Stats
Game Rules
My minimalist homebrew rules that I used for the game. In practice play was largely systemless. There was no combat and magic was handled dicelessly though with a defined system of sorts.
Excerpt from Kate's Journal
This is a journal of the events from a session or two during the middle of the campaign, written by Liz for a player who had missed it.
(The Forge) Confused over Simulationism + Example Campaign
(The Forge) Virtuality and Ouija Boards
(The Forge) Water-Uphill World: Virtuality Examined

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