This has descriptions of each major homestead complete with links to the detailed family tree. Each homestead also has listed its wealth rating, which is a rating from 0 to 10 of the principal members of that household. The fractional part of the number is a subjective assessment of where within that wealth level the family is.

Brattahaeth (Wealth 6.2)
The homestead at Brattahaeth ("Steep Hill") is a lesser one, bolstered slightly by marriage to the powerful Raudarbank clan. It is located to the West of Manhattan, about a mile inland. The current patriarch is Grim the Truthful.
Brygjafael (Wealth 7.5)
The homestead at Brygjafael ("Piermont") is a well-respected and ancient line of explorers and entrepeneurs, whose lineage traces back to Odd the Explorer and his sons (for whom the Oddson's River is named). It is located some thirty miles north of Manhattan island on the West side of the Oddson's river. The longhouse is at the base of a small peninsula jutting out from the first break in the cliffs which face the river to the south, but their holdings include many large cattle fields inland through the pass. The current matriarch is Aud the Deep-Minded, who has many concerns for the future of her holdings and of the Vinland Commonwealth in general.
Eiriksons (Wealth 5.8)
This is the family tree of Eldgrim and Skallagrim, whose ancestors have had a difficult fate to wander many times in their lives. Skallagrim is now married to Borgny of the wealthy Groenholt homestead, which has raised his fortunes in the world.
Grjótvogur (Wealth 6.8)
The homestead at Grjótvogur ("Rockaway") is a respected and learned family. It is located on the southwest of Longey island, where there is a small bay and a protective peninsula with long beaches. Some of the younger generation are now pressing to build and expand their holdings more.
Groenholt (Wealth 7.6)
The homestead at Groenholt ("Greenwich") is a wealthy and respected family known for their law-speaking and patronage of the arts. It is located on the West side of the island of Manhattan, about one mile north of Thingsstadt (i.e. the market town and capital on the southern tip of the island). The current patriarch is Vigfus the Proud, a respected judge and godi. They are a wealthy and influential family, though Vigfus is concerned about the abundance of women among his grandchildren.
Hvalrik (Wealth 9.3)
Relatives of the Earl of Hvalrik. The Earl is a powerful position which rules over the town of Hvalrik as well as most of the surrounding territories.
Raudarbank (Wealth 8.1)
The homestead at Raudarbank ("Redbank") is the center of a set of families strong in martial spirit. They are known for their bravery and ferocity, but also known for being insular and having their own ways. They have a near monopoly on iron production in the Commonwealth. The current patriarch is Solvi the Lean, though his nephew Eystein the Innocent is also highly respected.
Syfjaöurholur (Wealth 7.6)
The homestead at Syfjaöurholur ("Sleepy Hollow") is a wealthy one, though it lacks a strong martial background. It is located some 40 miles north of Manhattan island, about a miles inland on the East side of the river. The current patriarch is Tosti the Golden, who seems mostly content with his current lot.
Tjaraholt (Wealth 6.5)
The homestead at Tjaraholt ("Tarrytown") is a troubled one. It has had many conflicts with the local tribes over the years, and many violent family members. However, it is still respected for the strength and courage of its men and the wise craft of its women. It is located some 35 miles north of Manhattan island, about half a mile inland on the East side of the river. The stead is in a palisade atop a hill, around which the many sheep of the stead are driven. The current patriarch is Ivar the Black, who is struggling with his clan's fortunes.

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