Truth and Justice

         This is my brief notes on the Truth & Justice role-playing game, by Chad Underkoffler of Atomic Sock Monkey Press. I have only played short games of it at this point, but have done a careful reading and review of it as well as produced some characters.

My review of the core rulebook, which is rather mixed.
"Bonds of Steel"
A short one-shot adventure for T&J for a convention event with pregenerated characters.
Powers Chart
A play aid showing the full list of Powers and superheroic Qualities in the game, along with abbreviated notes on their effects.
Random Hero Generator
This is a simple script which generates a randomized character using the T&J charts in Chapter 11, given a choice of power ranks.
Some original characters I made to try out the system, plus adaptations of "The Runaways" and others adaptations of other Marvel characters.
Index of Official Characters
A concise listing of the characters from the core rulebook and the "Dial S for Superhuman" supplement.
Legends Walk Conversion Notes
Browsable HTML version of conversion notes for using the superhero game Legends Walk, by Tim Gray of Silver Branch Games as a setting for T&J. Converted from a document by Tim Gray.

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