The Final Frontier

         THE FINAL FRONTIER was a set of role-playing campaign set in a version of the original Star Trek universe, where the players ran the senior officers on a Star Fleet vessel in the time period of the original series (more or less). The first of three campaigns was run as a variant of the CORPS system (from BTRC). The latter two campaigns used my own house system, which bore some resemblance to CORPS but was much more rules-light and had a number of innovations. I have archived here my draft version of the house rules available for download.

Star Trek Rules Options
This is a brief overview of the past and current RPGs which are set in the Star Trek universe.
SFC Campaign Rules
These are the original rules for my campaigns. They were amateurishly laid out by me in LaTeX by me in the mid-nineties, so they do not look good for browsing.
Star Trek Roleplaying Links (Old)
An old collection of Star Trek role-playing links.

The Campaigns

The following links go directly into the source files for the original campaigns. The files are either plain text or LaTeX, not HTML.

Star Trek: Columbus' Journey: (Apr - Jul, 1995)
This was a short-lived episodic campaign about an exploration cruise by the Survey Cruiser Columbus 13 years before the Original Series.
GM John Kim. Players Chris Lehrich, Cullen Grace, Mark Kobrak, Mike Bathgate.
Star Trek: Pericles: (Jul - Dec, 1994)
Really a continuation of the previous campaign with a completely new PC's. This campaign continued to focus on the slide towards war with the Klingons. The system and style evolved some, but no huge changes.
GM John Kim. Players Joe Franecki, Chris Lehrich, Richard Garfinkle.
Star Trek: Gettysburg/Republic: (Jan - Jul, 1994)
This was a episodic game set shortly after the original series on the Klingon border. It had plotted episodic set-ups, but was open-ended and even simulation-oriented in how the situation resolved. This first campaign started with the Light Cruiser Gettysburg, although the main characters later moved to the Heavy Cruiser Republic.
GM John Kim. Players Joe Franecki, Chris Lehrich, Richard Garfinkle, and David Covin.

Background Material

         Below is an outline of the background material I have online, much of which is incomplete. Parts where there is actual information is marked with a * ; while all the incomplete material is marked with a @ .

*  Full Timeline
*  Articles of Federation
*  Federation history ... an essay unbiased by Star Fleet
*  Interstellar Archeology ... truly ancient and advanced cultures

Excerpts from the Star Fleet Officer's Manual

*  1:1 The Federation
*  1:2 Star Fleet
*  3:2 Ship Classes
*  4:1 Ship Organization
@  ?:? Rank and Position
@  ?:? Starship Security
*  7:2 Warp Power
@  7:3 Impulse Power
*  7:5 Transporters

Federation Races

*  Andorians
@  Betazoids
@  Caitians
*  Castorians
*  Cygnans
@  Deltans
@  Edoans
*  Orions
*  Tellarites
@  Terrans
*  Vulcans
*  Y'prrg.html


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