Star, Moon, and Cross

Tales of the Alchemists of Antioch

In which appear Templars, Sultans, Astrologers, Pilgrims, Hashishiyun, Rabbis, Venetian Merchants, Byzantine Courtiers, Bedouin Traders, Armenian Princes, and Turkish Mameluks

This is a page on the game The Star, The Moon, and the Cross, by Lee Short. It is a game set in the crusader states in the time of the Third Crusades and Saladin, called the Outremer. It uses a set of tarot-based mechanics with a rotating GM position, where players create a situation in an out-of-character "newsreel" phase. They then resolve it in a series of scenes where for each scenes the player to the left of the active player(s) acts as GM.

Amber Shadows Documents

A variant of the game set in Zelazny's Amber universe.

Actual Play


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