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Brotherhood of Mithras

Worshippers: Soldiers, ambitious bureaucrats

Cult Skills: Bow, Lore (Animal), Lore (Theology), Martial Arts, Riding, Spear, 1H Sword

Worshipper Duties: Preserving secret wisdom of Mithras, mutual aid and protection

Cult Spells: Fireblade, Light, Oath of Ordeal, Speedart

Special Benefits: Cult members can receive assistance from fellow cult members with a +10% Influence test. Higher-ranking Brotherhood members get a further +10% on this test against lower-ranking members for every degree of difference between them. In any military detachment, a Lore (Theology) test can discover at least one officer who is a cult member. In a civilian bureaucracy, a Difficult (-20%) Lore (Theology) test can discover can discover a cult member.

Divine Intervention

A character can call upon his deity for Divine Intervention whenever he faces a desperate situation and may even do so if dead or unconscious. When Divine Intervention is requested, roll 1D100. If this rolls equal to or less than the character's POW, the call for aid is answered. However, the gods demand a heavy price for their help and the character will suffer a permanent loss of POW equal to the 1D100 roll if he is successful. If the character's POW is reduced to 0 by this, his soul is taken to serve the god directly, effectively killing the character permanently (though his request will still be granted).

A character can only call for Divine Intervention once per month, whether he is successful or not.

Divine Intervention can take many forms and the following can be considered guidelines:

            Allow the character to cast any cult spell at any Magnitude with any amount of extra Magic Points used for overcharging it.

            Allow a cult spell to affect every worshipper of the god within the character's line of sight.

            Bring back to life a worshipper (who may not be the character calling for Divine Intervention).

            Various 'divine' effects are also possible. Examples could include creating a fog to allow the character to escape from enemies, double his STR to defeat a powerful enemy or cause a river to break its banks to stall an invading army.

Divine Intervention cannot be used to directly harm or slay mortal creatures. Gods will refuse to aid non-worshippers and their effects will be related to their sphere of influence.