Spirit of the Century

Spirit of the Century (SotC) is an independently-produced pulp action RPG by Rob Donaghue, Fred Hicks, and Leonard Balsera -- released in 2006 by them as Evil Hat Productions.

Stunt Summary Sheet: HTML, PDF, and XML
A listing of all the stunts in the core rules, with indents indicating prerequisites and one-line description of the mechanical benefits.
Pulp Sources
A list of source material for pulp action -- including the more modern sources from the SotC main book, and the
Daredevil Adventures
An overview of adventures published for the old FGU system Daredevils, which may be of inspiration for SotC plots.
Big Trouble in Little Amber
Notes on a pulp adventure set in Zelazny's Amber universe, first run at AmberCon NorthWest 2007.
Campaign Notes
Notes on my first SotC game set in the canonical setting, started in Spring 2010.
SotC Blog Posts
My blog posts on Spirit of the Century.

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