Session Logs

The PC's are investigators for Valkyrie Security, a company which blends security, law enforcement, and mercenary interests. (Similar to the Pinkertons of the 19th century, but with more scruples.)

At the start, the investigators were assigned a small spaceship, capable of 500c FTL speed. In addition to the investigators, there were eight Valkyrie-employed crew plus the resident 4D engineer who maintains the FTL drive.

Session One

(September '99)

Session Two

(October 7, '99)

Session Three

(October 20, '99)

Session Four

(October 27, '99)

Session Five

(November 29, '99)

Session Six

(December 6, '99)

Session Seven

(January 10, '00)

Session Eight

(January 17, '00)

Session Nine

(April, '00)

Session Ten

(April, '00)

Session Eleven

(May 8, '00)

Session Twelve

(May 22, '00)

Session Thirteen

(June 5, '00)

Session Fourteen

(June 19, '00)
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