Frame Ravenloft Saga Campaign

         These are my brief notes on the Ravenloft setting and adventures. I have played in three short games involving Ravenloft, and it was inspirational for my Oneiros game.

         The first was a campaign which I GMed in 1988, the summer after my freshman year of college. I ran the original Ravenloft modules using AD&D. The interesting twist was that I suggested that all of the PCs should be related or childhood friends who were returning to their home town. Moreover, influenced by the material, the PCs all had a dark streak to them.

         The second was again an AD&D campaign, run in the spring of 1993 at Columbia where I was going to grad school. It again was using the same two modules using AD&D. The players were Cari McAskill, Michele Rizack, Rick Cripe, Andy Harasty, Victoria Fike. Again, it had cinematic overtones though the characters were not as strong (in my opinion) as the previous.

         The third was an abortive campaign GMed by Merwin Shanmugasundaram. It was set in the demi-plane of Ravenloft as detailed by the original supplements, but the rule system was a modified version of the SAGA card-based role-playing system from "Dragonlance: The Fifth Age" RPG. The PCs were a scattering of people from different dimensions who find themselves in the Ravenloft plane. I decided to play a version of a PC from a prior Call of Cthulhu campaign, Major Philip Rook.