Thomas Brynn Brand
Belief The Guard are mouse-kind's best hope for safety and properity Each mouse has something to contribute A good Guardsmouse follows his first instinct
Instinct Rein in the impulsive younger mice Prepare for the worst Don't hesitate, but take initiative in conflicts
Home Port Sumac Copperwood Port Sumac
Parents Ma and Pa Steadyear Garrow & Rosalee (Armorers) Ivy (Brewer) & Kole (Baker)
Artisan Aynslie the Cartographer Hannidy (Smith) Cort (Brewer)
Mentor Connor, Guard Captain Maven (Survivalist) (Brewer)
Friend Curt, smith of Darkwater Veira (merchant in Mapleharbor) Henson
Enemy Garnier, merchant of Lone Pine Angus, ex-patrol guard in Blackrock Abram
Traits Weather Sense; Leader; Thoughtful Wise; Oldfur; Scarred(2); Stoic Tough; Fearless; Young


#1: Discover the capture of Pebblebrook and report it (killing two weasels)
#2A: Rescue survivors of Pebblebrook, guarded by three weasels
#2B: Arrest thief Ivy in Barkstone
#3: Escort supply carts to Greenleaf, fighting off a snake (and mud)
#4: Defend Greenleaf against weasel attack
#5: Recover seed stores from chipmunks