Macho Women With Guns

MWWG is a role-playing game by Greg Porter, author of CORPS and EABA. The concept is summarized in this excerpt of the background:

         In the 1990's, the world began to collapse. Under a string of incompetent (male) leaders, the national economies began to collapse. Under greedy (male) corporate executives, the environment was poisoned. Under tacky (male) game designers, women were exploited in role-playing system packaging. That, of course, was the last straw. The Seventh Seal of the Apocalypse was broken, the Four Horsemen rode forth, and disco made a comeback. The fabric of society collapsed, the states and nations crumbled, and Hell itself vomited forth a plague of lawyers and tax collectors to ravage the land.

         It is notable as a game in being thorough in following through with its self-proclaimed reverse sexism. The PCs are all heavily-armed women who actually do gun down sexist male pigs. In contrast, Richard Tucholka write a cheap imitation Beach Bunny Bimbos With Blasters -- but in that game you don't actually play the beach bunnies, nor do they actually blast people. Instead, the beach bunnies are helpless tools which the PCs use to detect the Martians (whom they can detect by virtue of their uncluttered brains). In short, the macho women would mow down the beach bunnies in an instant.

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