Dragons of the Yellow Sea

         This is my concept of a campaign set in an alternate 19th century Korea, taking after the Temeraire series of novels from Naomi Novik.

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Kim Chohea (Bill)
A young diver (haenyeo) of the island tradition.
Lee Ho Fook (Lee)
A fisherman in his forties, who disappeared from his home town for over twenty years before showing up again several years ago. He has his own fishing boat and a sea dragon, Yong Doh-Ho.
Li Jin Hong (Heather)
A military aviator from China who deserted from the Taiping Rebellion. Jin Hong is a soldier adopted by a local merchant.
Park Min-bae (Cynthia)
A shaman matriarch.
Lee Dak Ho (Liz)
A sea dragon, paired with fisherman Ho Fook.
Ahn Chong-Hae (Madeline)
A revolutionary noble who had fought with the Taiping in China.
Song Mi-Sook (Bob)
The teenage heiress to a tangerine-grower.

Secondary characters:

Ahn Kyon-jin (Liz)
A younger daughter of the yangban family Ahn, who is secretly taking the place of her brother to find out what happened to him.
Yong Gi Ja (Bill)
A Jade dragon, former royal courier, now retired.
Song Young-ae (Cynthia)
A baby fire-breathing dragon, the daughter of "China" Lee's dragon "Sparky" Lee. She was adopted by "Princess" Song.

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