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Attack of the Mutant Rules System! by Frank T. Sronce
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite
A diceless superhero homebrew, based on Phage Press' Amber diceless RPG. It mostly provides just stats and powers; the diceless resolution rules are sketchy (defaulting to Amber). ~20 pages HTML rules.
Bif Bam Pow by Stephen K. Fuelleman / Entropy Games
Keywords: genre modern superhero long
A medium complexity superhero game. Action resolution is roll under attribute on Nd6, or roll under skill on 1d12. Character creation has random-roll attributes (Strength, Will, Intelligence, Constitution, Personality, Dexterity, and Vitality); random-roll powers (rolling once on the Offense, Defense, Transportation, and Special powers); and point-bought skills (15 points). 109 pages PDF.
Brains and Brawn by Steven Tremblay and Jamie Cadorette
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite
A generic superhero RPG. Action resolution uses a hand of three dominoes for each player, resolving by attribute + skill + the "good" side of the domino played vs difficulty plus the "evil" side of the domino. Character creation is open point-based. 20 pages rules (PDF).
Capes Lite by Tony Lower-Basch
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite preview
The preview version of a GMless superhero game. Instead, there are mechanics for narration of conflicts. There are a set of conflicts represented by index cards, each with two d6s (of different colors) on them. 10 pages rules (PDF).
Cartoon Action hour Demo by Z-Man Games
Keywords: genre scifi superhero rules-lite preview
An RPG in the genre of 80's style action cartoons. Actions resolution is by stat (rated -4 to +4) plus 1d12 vs difficulty, though super-abilities replace 1d12 with 2d12 or more. These preview rules have basic combat but no character creation rules. 7 page preview rules (PDF) plus 15 page introductory scenario.
d6GE RPG by 3Muse
Keywords: universal superhero rules-lite
A universal RPG. Action resolution is by stat plus 2d6 vs difficulty. Character creation is purely random-roll stats in the basic system. It includes a brief superpowers supplement. 9 pages rules (PDF) plus 8 pages superhero supplement (PDF).
Evient by Chris Lynch
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite preview
The preview/playtest rules for a superhero RPG system with no set skills and variable scaling (the GM sets "Q-units" of difficulty/damage/etc.). It uses a dice pool system for rolling successes. ~24 pages HTML.
The Face of Angels (Pre-release 3) by Clinton R. Nixon
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite open-license
A storytelling game that aims for a cross between superhero comics and teen drama movies. The player characters are ordinary teenagers who always begin the story graduating high school. The mechanics use playing cards, and the only stats are your hand of cards, your relationships, and your character's personality type, rated as Jack, Queen, King, or Ace. ~24 pages (HTML).
Final Stand by Tim Denee
Keywords: genre superhero modern rules-lite
A martial arts action RPG, meant to be light, action-packed, and fun. It uses a dice-pool system for combat (with a variety of maneuvers), and simple autosuccess rules for non-combat actions. Character creation is by selecting a Stereotype plus a martial arts Style and Form from the lists. Skills are predefined for each choice, while the player spends action points on maneuvers. 23 pages (PDF).
Four Colors by Cynthia Celeste Miller
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite
A superhero RPG emulating "Golden Age" comics (WWII era). It uses a simple system of d12 + stat vs difficulty. Character creation is point-based with freeform superpowers. 16 pages Players Guide (PDF,HTML) plus 13 pages GM's Guide (PDF,HTML).
Four Color (4C) System
Keywords: genre superhero
A generic superhero set of rules, a variant of the Marvel Superheroes game published by TSR in 1984 and 1988. The names of the stats and ranks are changed, but many specifics are similar. It uses a percentile roll on a universal table. 34 pages core rules (PDF).
Four Colors al Fresco v1.0b by woodelf
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite open-license
An alternate-history superheroes game about golden-age style superheroes in Renaissance Italy, released under an open license. It uses a simple narrative system where each character has a die type for four of five basic aspects (d4, d6, d8, d12, d20) -- and the fifth is their superpower aspect. Resolution is by defining which of the five aspects applies to a situation, with modifiers by penalty dice. 83 pages (PDF).
Godlike Quick-Play Rules
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite preview
A free introductory version of the printed game. It is a superhero games set in the era of World War II. PC's are "Talents" with paranormal abilities who aid in the Allied war effort. It uses a dice-pool system where you roll d10's equal to stat + skill and look for matches (i.e. dice with the same number). 36 pages (PDF).
Hero 8 by Grant Graves
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite
A generic superhero RPG using a minimalist system. It uses a 3d6 mechanic where successes are scored depending on patterns in the roll (2 of a kind, straight, 3 of a kind). 14 pages core rules and supplements (PDF).
Hi/Lo Heroes (v1.4) by Jeff Moore
Keywords: genre superhero modern rules-lite
A minimalist superhero system based around choosing binary attributes: a character is either Quick or Powerful. The chosen attribute is HIGH, while the other attribute is LOW. For resolution, roll 2d6 and either keep the higher result (if the ability is HIGH) or the lower result (if the ability is LOW). If the roll is doubles, add the dice together. The total is compared to difficulty. Character creation is by picking three aspects (Quick vs. Powerful; Logical vs. Intuitive; Bold vs. Cautious), and two powers. 36 pages rules (PDF).
In the Name of Justice by Guy McLimore
Keywords: genre superhero long preview
A free mini-game preview of a superhero game from Plaid Rabbit Productions. 112 digest-size pages (PDF) plus cards and two maps (PDF).
JAGS Revised by Marco Chacon
Keywords: genre universal scifi fantasy superhero long
A universal skill-based system with many genre supplements: Magic, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Horror, Supers, Psionics, Chi Martial Arts, and Steampunk. It is quite detailed, but there is a "rules-medium" version: JAGS-2. Action resolution is roll under attribute or skill on 4d6-4. Character creation is open point-based, with 3 primary attributes and 9 secondary. Skills have a 4-level expertise rating (Beginner, Average, Expert, Master) which determines usage as well as a number to roll under (0 to 20). 200 pages basic rules (PDF) plus 150+ pages of supplements (PDF).
Kapow! by Joshua Macy
Keywords: genre modern superhero long open-license
A superhero RP designed to scale to many different levels. Stats and powers are defined relative to the Scope of the game - from 1 (normal) to 12 (cosmic). Character creation includes picking one of four templates (Standard, Powerhouse, Jack-of-All-Trades, and Minimal) that defined your attribute and power choices - customized by adding three Boosts. The four attributes are three resistances (Toughness, Will, and Stamina) and Actions (number of choices per turn). Powers include any active abilities including skills and gadgets. Action resolution uses a step-die system, taking the higher of two rolls - with option to add to your roll by taking a hindrance or losing stamina . The dice rolls are from d4 to d8. Power Level 6 rolls 1d6+1d6; PL7 rolls 1d6+1d8; level 8 rolls 1d8+1d8; etc. 267 pages (PDF).
The King of Spades
Keywords: genre superhero fantasy online
A free online Massively Multiplayer RPG where you can create a superhero or supervillain and go through 22 Levels of Ascention to see if you're worthy of wielding one of the great 12 Tokens that will make you a King, Queen, Prince or Knight of the kingdoms of Spades (Deva), Hearts (Atlantis), Clubs (Hades), or Diamonds (Earth).
Legends Walk! by Tim Gray
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite long
A modern-day superhero RPG, available as shareware (requesting $10 for use). All supers are incarnations of old myths such as gods, heroes, and monsters of various pagan pantheons. It includes a background set in 2020 after "metas" began appearing in 2000. It uses a simple dice pool system, where you roll a number of dice based on difficulty + attribute (-1 to +2, or more for supers) + skill (1 to 4), and +1 for each advantage. Each result of 4-6 is one success. Character creation is limited point-based: 7 points for normal abilities, and 10-14 points for powers. 169 pages PDF.
Keywords: genre superhero
An Italian superheroes games. (no comments)
Living Legends by Jeff Dee
Keywords: genre modern superhero long
A "sequel" / new edition of Villians and Vigilantes. It has a huge character design system (mainly superpowers), but only limited other mechanics available. 142 pages character design (PDF). 4 pages early combat rules (text-only).
ManGa by Cedrik Duval
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite
A simple system intended for Japanese manga and anime. It is available in an out-of-date English HTML version, and the more updated German PDF version. Action resolution is roll d10 and add skill vs difficult. It includes stats and descriptions for characters from a variety of anime series, including Ranma 1/2, Ninja High School, Slayers, and Sailor Moon. 16 pages English version (HTML) or 32 pages German version (PDF).
The Marvellous Super-Heroes RPG by Stephen Smith
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite
A parody RPG of "Marvel Superheroes", using a minimalist system. ~28 pages rules (text-only).
Marvel Superheroes by Jeff Grubb (TSR)
Keywords: genre modern superhero long
This is the original TSR game (published 1984 and 1988), now out of print and made available online by Zan of in both low-res and high-res PDF formats. Besides the basic rules, there are the Ultimate Powers Book, Realms of Magic book, the Fantastic Four Compendium, and two adventures modules available. Players Book 96 pages (PDF), plus Judges Book 68 pages (PDF), plus ~200 pages supplements (PDF).
Men and Supermen by Jerry Stratton
Keywords: genre modern superhero long
A superhero RPG, emphasizing allowing variable power among heroes, so average humans can fight alongside gods. It uses roll 2d10 under stat for most resolution, as well as some percentile rolls. Other dice (d4,d6,etc.) are used for damage and miscellaneous rolls. It has random-roll attributes and powers, with point-bought skills. 232 pages PDF rules plus 103 page "Heroes Guide" campaign book (PDF or HTML).
MSF High RPG: Free Version by Joey Fanning
Keywords: genre superhero long preview
A humorous anime-inspired RPG set in MSF Highschool, a training ground for teenage superheroes, including both alien and magical races. This is the preview with all the basic rules and character creation, but missing most of the advantages, disadvantages, races, facets, spells, animals, items, and the GM section. The rules are playable, but a bit limited in this version. 90 pages (PDF).
Mystery Men! by John M. Stater
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite open-license
A simple superhero RPG based on the Swords & Wizardry system by Matt Finch. It uses character classes and levels, with the three classes being Adventurer, Sorcerer, or Scientist. It includes over 200 superpowers, often similar to fantasy genre spells. Resolution is by adding attribute + 1d20 and comparing to either 10 + opposing stat or calculated Defense Class (for combat). Released under the WotC OGL. 44 pages rules (PDF).
OPIGS: One Page GamIng System by David Mar
Keywords: universal superhero rules-lite
A minimalist system using only attributes: Beef, Brains, Hammer, Coruba, and Luck. Resolution is based on d12 + stat on a universal table for results (one for combat, one for other skills). Includes a one-page superhero supplement by Andrew Arensburger. ~2 pages (HTML).
Panels by Rp Bowman
Keywords: genre superhero rules-lite
A dramatic comic-book superhero RPG, based around the player describing a single comic-book panel. The player can describe anything he likes and it is always true, but if the GM or other players object then they force a roll which can cause bad things to his character. ~7 pages HTML.
Paragon by D. Jon Mattson (aka "Cwylric")
Keywords: genre modern superhero scifi long world wotc-d20
A superhero RPG based on the WotC "D20" system, used in 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons. It contains new races, new classes, and superpower rules. It includes a sourcebook for "Vancouver 2020", a shared-universe superhero setting. 104 pages basic rules (PDF or MSWord) plus 120 pages background (PDF or MSWord).
Providence Demo Version by Richard Binek, Nicolas Jequier, Jeff Mackintosh, Michael Scott, and Lucien Soulban
Keywords: genre superhero fantasy rules-lite preview
A demo version of the published RPG which mixes fantasy and superheroics. It has no character creation rules but includes a sample adventure including pre-made PC's. 35 pages PDF.
Punisher X RPG by Jack Wolf
Keywords: genre modern scifi superhero online
An online web-based play-by-post RPG based on the Marvel Comics character, set in the year 2023. ~2 pages background HTML.
Rise of Heroes
Keywords: genre modern superhero long
A superhero RPG. Character creation is by random-roll attributes and superpowers along with point-bought skills. Combat is resolved by 1d20 to hit and varying dice for damage, while skills are percentile. 70 pages player's book (PDF), ~12 pages Survival Master articles.
Risus: The Anything RPG by S. John Ross
Keywords: genre universal superhero fantasy rules-lite
A cinematic "rules-lite" system which rates "cliches" as number of dice (1-6) which are summed vs difficulty. It includes a 27-page solitaire introductory adventure ("The Ring of Thieves") and links to a number of third-party sites on using it for different genres, including Supers, Mecha, and Fantasy. 5 pages basic rules (PDF, RTF, or text-only) plus ~50 pages supplementary material.
Squadron UK Basic
Keywords: genre modern superhero preview
The basic version of a 40 pages rules (PDF).
Stuperpowers! by Carson Jones and Fred Van Lente
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite preview
An abridged rulebook of the published parody superhero RPG, playing "third-rate heroes" with less than spectacular powers like "Induce Vietnam Flashbacks". The basic game mechanic is either toss a coin (you call it, you succeed) or rock-paper-scissors. Damage has 5 levels, but you can gain them back by playing "Truth or Dare". Extra material includes 23 new powers, 4 new adventures, and 11 new characters. ~8 pages preview rules (HTML) plus ~24 pages expansions (HTML).
Super Crusaders by Lee Walser
Keywords: genre modern superhero long rules-lite
A superhero game using a simple system. Character creation is class-based, choosing from 8 classes (Brick, Controller, Warrior, Healer, Paladin, Ranger, Scout, or Custom) and spending 10 power-ups. Resolution is by rolling a number of d6 based on your stat (usually from 1 to 3) with 5+ being a success, and 11+ being critical success. Game Guide 23 pages (PDF), Powers Book 65 pages (PDF), World Book 38 pages (PDF)
Supergänget by Tobias Radesäter
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite
A Swedish-language superhero RPG presented in comic-book form, with the rules explained by comic-book narration. 28 pages HTML.
Superheroes and Heroines by Jeff Moody (aka Trevor Doom)
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite long
A comic-book superhero RPG. It uses a simple system with 1d20 rolls. Character creation is by random-roll attributes, skills, and super-powers. 49 pages PDF.
Super Human High School by Scott W. Starkey
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite long
A diceless storytelling RPG about "Muta" teenagers with superpowers who are going to public high school as part of a nationwide mutant integration program. Character creation is open point-based. Action resolution is diceless based on GM judgement of stat vs difficulty, with the players able to spend "Amazing Points" to adjust the results. 49 pages PDF.
Super Powers Unlimited, Basic Version by David Michaels
Keywords: genre modern superhero preview
The basic version of a superhero RPG published as a browsable website with character sheets as spreadsheets for Excel or Open Office. It uses a combat-focused resolution system, where actions usually have fixed result from spending energy points. A roll of 1d20 is used to determine criticals for an action - a 20 is a critical hit (200% of standard result) while a 1 is a critical failure (50% of standard result). Character creation is limited point-based, spending 100 points among the four primary attributes (Health, Energy, Attack, and Defense), 25 points among the five secondary attributes, and 6 "slots" among power, equipment, skills, pets, and property. ~60 pages online HTML browsing only.
Superteens by Bill Kte'pi
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite
A humorous superhero RPG in a world where all teenagers get superpowers, which are lost when they reach maturity. It uses a minimalist system of stat + 1d6 vs difficulty. Character creation is by random-roll attributes and powers. ~10 pages rules (HTML or PDF).
West Coast Empire by Jon Land
Keywords: genre modern superhero rules-lite online
An online superhero/supervillian RPG where the characters battle in arranged matches, in a professional-wrestling sort of flavor. The mechanics are inspired from the card game "Overpower".

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