D&D Feat Progression

D&D (3rd edition) has a number of character capabilities which are handled as binary "feats". The D&D Players Handbook has feats listed semi-alphabetically and described in alphabetical order. This organization does not illustrate well the trees of dependence for combat-related feats. It also does not group by area. Below the feats are listed organized by field (combat/magic/other) and prerequisites.

Combat Feats

Ability prerequisites (Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity/Wisdom) are listed as the first letter (SIDW) and the minimum numbers. Attack bonus prerequisites are listed as "A" and the minimum bonus.
Light Armor Proficiency ---> Medium Armor Prof. ---> Heavy Armor Prof.

                 +-> Improved Disarm
Expertise (I13) ---> Improved Trip
Dodge (D13) ---> Mobility -+-> Spring Attack (A4) -+-> Whirlwind Attack
                    +--------> Shot on the Run
Point Blank Shot   ---> Rapid Shot (D13)
                    +-> Precise Shot
                    +-> Far Shot

                    +-> Improved Bull Rush
Power Attack (S13) ---> Cleave ---> Great Cleave (A4)
                    +-> Sunder

Ambidexterity (D15) -+
                     +-> Improved Two Weapon Fighting (A9)
Two Weapon Fighting -+

Improved Unarmed Strike -+-> Stunning Fist (D13,W13,A8)
                         +-> Deflect Arrows (D13)

                  +-> Mounted Archery
Mounted Combat   ---> Ride-By Attack  ---> Spirited Charge
                  +-> Trample

Specific Weapon Feats (taken once for each weapon): 
  Weapon Focus* (A1) ---> Weapon Specialization (Fighter-4)
  Weapon Finesse* (A1)
  Improved Critical* (A8)

Others Combat Feats (no feat prerequisites):
  Simple/Martial/Exotic/Shield Proficiency, Blind Fighting,
  Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw (A1)

Magical Feats

The item creation feats have spellcaster level prerequisites listed as "L" and a number. Simple descriptions of the effects are provided.
Combat Casting: +4 Concentration for defensive casting only

Specific Spell Feats (taken once for each spell): 
   Spell Focus:             +2 saves
   Spell Penetration:       +2 resists
   Spell Mastery (Wizard):  no spellbook needed

Metamagic Feats:

  (number  range  durat.   level    roll    cast   V comp  S comp) Type
  ( x1.5    x2      x2      +N       --      --      --      --  ) Effect
  (  +2     +1      +1      +N       +3      +4      +1      +1  ) Level

Item Creation Feats:
  Scribe Scroll (L1)
  Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item (L3)
  Craft Magic Arms and Armor (L5)
  Craft Rod (L9)
  Craft Staff, Forge Ring (L12)

Other Feats

Simple descriptions of the effects are provided.
Alertness: +2 on Listen/Spot          Run: +25% running movement
Endurance: +4 on stamina checks       Skill Focus: +2 on a given skill
Extra Turning: +4 turns per day       Track: able to track
Leadership (L6): described in DMG

Great Fortitude / Iron Will / Lightning Reflexes : +2 to that save

Toughness: +3 hit points per feat

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