D&D3 Adventures

     In looking for D&D3 adventures, there is a huge field. Below I've collected the top ten from an EN World thread on "The Best 3.0/3.5/D20 Adventures". (As of Feb 6, 2006.)

  1. WotC: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
  2. WotC: Sunless Citadel
  3. WotC:Forge of Fury
  4. Malhavoc Press: The Banewarrens
  5. Necromancer Games: Rappan Athuk
  6. WotC:City of the Spider Queen
  7. Green Ronin: Death in Freeport
  8. Paizo Publishing: The Shackled City Adventure Path
  9. Green Ronin: Terror in Freeport
  10. Green Ronin: Madness in Freeport
  11. Necromancer Games: Crucible of Freya
  12. Necromancer Games: Tomb of Abysthor
  13. Necromancer Games: Vault of Larin Karr
  14. AEG: World's Largest Dungeon
  15. Fiery Dragon:Of Sound Mind
  16. Necromancer Games: Lost City of Barrakus
  17. Necromancer Games: Necropolis
  18. Green Ronin: Black Sails over Freeport
  19. Fiery Dragon: NeMoren's Vault
  20. Privateer Press: Witch Fire1 The Longest Night

Free Adventures

Large Indices of Adventures

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures --
"500+ adventures", including a lot of overlap with the other sites I've listed. There's a sort of mini-index in the middle of the page near the bottom.
D20 Adventure Guide maintained by Scott Metzger --
Links to over 200 adventures in order by level, with another 100 "Sidetreks and Locations". I believe that Scott is attempting to gather links to all 3e adventures (including conversions) online and put them on this page.

Contest Winners

Eric Noah's D&D Adventure Contest winners --
11 adventures that won EN's contest a couple of years ago. These are original adventures based on various WotC Maps-of-the-Week.
Citizen Games' 1st Annual Writers' Pro-Am Top Ten --
10 adventures, two to a file. Look under Mini Adventures in the Fantasy d20 Downloads section.
The Wizard's Amulet --
Winner of 2001 ENnie for best free product.