The Golden Dawn is a sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, written by John Tynes, John T. Snyder, "Alan Smithee", Steve Hatherley, Garrie Hall, and Scott Aniolowski, and published by Pagan Publishing in 1996. It's based based on the PCs being members of the early Golden Dawn -- a famous occult secret society based in London of the 1890s. I began running a campaign using this in June 2006.

         Material central to the campaign has been adapted from John Tynes' adventures "The Room Beyond" and "Sheela-na-gig" (from the sourcebook The Golden Dawn) along with Kevin A. Ross' "Signs Writ in Scarlet" and "Plant Y Daear", and Fred Behrendt's "Sacraments of Evil" (all in the adventure collection Sacraments of Evil).

Players' Handout from The Golden Dawn
An 8MB PDF file covering the players handout from the appendices of the Golden Dawn sourcebook. This includes a brief history of the GD, rules for creating Victorian investigators, and rules on GD instruction.
Character Descriptions (PC and NPC)
An overview of the major characters involved.
Session Summaries
Plot summaries of the sessions, starting with a basic timeline.
Player Aids
The player handouts shown thus far in the adventures -- documents seen by the investigators.
1890s Character Sheet
An 0.1MB PDF one-page sheet, from Cthulhu 6th ed.


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