Silicon Valley Slayage NPCs

         The Supporting Cast, in order of appearance, are:

Elaine "Laney" Leibowitz
Originally a Vampster user ("palemaiden23") who was rescued by Dot when she went on a date with a vampire in Colma. (1.11 Money Troubles) She was actually known to Chip previously and was hired to head up marketing. In Season Two, she was revealed to have a secret identity as the diva blogger "Zany Laney".
Joshua Silverton
The ghost of a necromancer who had lived in Silicon Valley for many decades -- his last position being CEO of a database startup company, MythSoft. He died in '99, leaving the company to his wife. The company was already in decline, and soon the only programmers left were zombies which he had animated. He stays on as a ghost haunting the Nexus, whom only Roberta (and now Doug) can see.
Barbara Jagar
A real estate agent from Season Two who found the offices for Vampster in downtown Mountain View (aka The Nexus). Miss Jagar is an elderly woman who apparently immigrated from Eastern Europe a long time ago. She has extensive supernatural contacts and knows at least some of what Vampster is about, and is quite wealthy. (NOTE: she is pretty clearly the figure of Baba Yaga from Hungarian folklore.)
Dr. Hans Stevin
A Belgian emigre, crusading physician, and volunteer for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). He is also a former member of the Watchers Council now trying to re-form the organization. He was regularly in East Africa since 2001 with Carlos, acting both as a volunteer and as a Watcher. He is in his mid-to-late 50s, about 5'8" -- a grizzled barrel-type guy (like Howard Dean), though still good-looking.
Togth is a Fyarl demon who works for the unnamed godking of a chaotic hell dimension, guarding their chaos reserves. He is fairly bright for one of his kind, and likes to play the markets.
Diane McKenzie
The CFO of Vampster, brought in after VC's had demands based on Vampster's financial state. (1.11 Money Troubles)
Esmerelda Pereira
Sister to Roberta, mother of two children, Nita and Jamie -- who were possessed by a video-game-related spell in episode 2.04 "Game Boys".
Maria Martinez
Mother to Roberta, who lives in East San Jose.
Raul and Tomas Martinez
Roberta also has two brothers ("Norteno brothers") who are wannabe gangsters who have just barely avoided jail time. They never left east San Jose, and feel that Roberta thinks she is too good for them.
Ms. Lauren Hargrove
The mother of Andrea/Ifurita, she is a Palo Alto doctor who had been active with some cancer charities in the previous season. She and Andrea's father, Robert, are divorced. This year, she has shown an interest in Doctors Without Borders as a charity. She met Robert while doing a year abroad in HK during college. They were split over their son Henry's naval career -- she supported his choice; Robert did not.
Robert X. Cheung
A professor at Stanford, father of Andrea/Ifurita. He was a Commonwealth citizen who met Lauren when a med student in HK. They moved from HK to the U.S. when Andrea was young, and also spent some time in Vancouver.
Lt. Henry Stewart Cheung
A naval officer, son of Robert and Lauren, brother of Andrea/Ifurita. He is 25, three years older than Andrea. Andrea died in early 2003. He was not able to see her during her final two months.
Leonard DiCastro
Leonard was the senior system administrator at, and also the Watcher who was secretly assigned to keep an eye on Dot. The outbreak of vampiric activity in their area caused him to call upon Dot. He left town before Vampster was incorporated, though, going with Guapo to South America.
Special Agent Anton Levier
An FBI agent who originally tried to crack down on Vampster for their involvement with Drake Altus. He was also involved with Roberta for a while, but they broke up and have been on rocky terms for a while.
Dr. David Ben-David
A noted nanotechnologist living in Palo Alto. Max tracked him to his home by planting a tracker on his SUV.
Ken Smith
A junior programmer who was hired to fill out Vampster's profile. He is a native of Sunnydale who moved up here several years ago.
Seraphim Langston
A technopagan in San Francisco known to Max. He has been in SF since the 60's, but is originally from the West Indies.
A variant of the real-life Starhawk, who in this world is still an author on Wicca as well as a researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies in Berkeley.
A slayer from Japan who helped Dot and company track down a vampire who was using a human with a magic love amulet to bring him victims. (1.09 His and Her Slayage)
Miazawa Yukino
A rising star with her own television talk show, she is a Japanese immigrant who was a friend of Tsubasa. Vampster experience a sudden burst of popularity after appearing on her show.
Samuel Devins
A slimy tech industry person whom Roberta had gone out with in college. He was the Big Bad of sorts during Season Two.


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