Buffy:SVS Poster and Pitch


This is a mock poster for the Silicon Valley Slayage series, based on the covers of the Magic Box supplement.

That's grumpy Slayer / senior web designer Dot on the right, flanked by her lover (and expert witch and programmer) Max. Above Max is wannabe-Watcher Carlos, topped by corporate czarina Roberta. Conspicuously missing at this point are posthuman demon goddess Iffy and Dot's brother (and visionary DJ/hipster) Chip.

The series has been in the vein of Buffy/Angel, but meshing the lives of Silicon Valley professionals, who've been dealing with magic-heavy baddies.

In Season One, after getting fired from their prior startup, the crew established themselves as a startup company, Vampster.net, which also operated as a cover for vampire-slaying. The Big Bad of Season One was a vampire alchemist named Rene Xavier, who wanted to perfect his immortality using new nanotechnology.

In Season Two, they came into conflict with an ex of Roberta's named Samuel Devins -- a corporate schemer who created another company, Discrete Software, and wanted to create a magical disaster to con the government into accepting his security software.

In Season Three, Dot and Max had a baby (conceived by magical means), but the monstrous Shub-Niggurath from another dimension took an interest in the baby and them.


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