Silicon Valley Slayage PCs

         The Main Cast members are:

Dorothy Comisky (played by John Kim)
Dot was a web-designer at She is a 23-year old college dropout who was lured out to Silicon Valley by startup company perks. As the others have found out, five years ago she was identified as a Slayer, but refused to have anything to do with the Watcher's Council. As it turns out, she had an accident but was revived, and the council has left her alone since.
Camille West aka "Max" (played by Heather)
A super-talented lesbian programmer/hacker and practicing wiccan. Max (as she likes to be called) is an experienced programmer who started working for She went on to become chief architect of Vampster.
Roberta Martinez (played by Cynthia Gonsalves)
A rich contractor who was working for when it was taken over. She is a 48 year-old Silicon Valley veteran who remembers when there were orchards. She is also an organizer of Silicon Valley Women in Technology (WIT), which Dot and Max are members of.
Chip Comisky (played by Liz Henry)
Chip is the younger brother of Dot -- two years younger, twenty at the start of season one. He had gone to Berkeley for one semester, but then dropped out to go to work for a big company (EA or 3D0, perhaps). He was then lured to the startup his sister worked for, He is a hip and cool type, who goes to a lot of raves, and frequently DJ's at Gaseous.
Carlos Salado y Ortiz (played by Madeline Ferwerda)
A computer programmer who recently returned from volunteer work in Africa. His associate in Doctors Without Borders is Dr. Hans Stevin, who was a former Watcher who has marked Carlos to join the new Watchers.
Ifurita / Iffy / Andrea Eight Leung (played by Bill Humphries)
Originally introduced as an NPC villian -- Iffy appears as a living recreation of a Japanese anime character from the series "El-Hazard". She was the servant of the nanotechnologist Dr. Ben-David, and can fly and send powerful blasts of energy from her staff. However, we later discover that she was created from a girl dying of cancer, named Andrea. Andrea was diagnosed with cancer at the start of 2003, and died three months later.

Former Cast Members

Nina Flores (played by Ellen)
The teenage daughter of wealthy widower Berto Flores, and cousin to Roberta. She turned out to be a talented young witch intent on wreaking revenge upon the vampire responsible for her mother's death.
Kat Sinclair (played by Shannon Cotterell)
The captain of Max's softball team and secretly a werewolf. A ritual by Max gave her a choker which allows her to control her werewolf changes.
Doug Finn (played by Tyler Jordan)
Born to an ancient line of demon-slayers in Ireland, Doug has tried many odd jobs since his father passed way when he was seventeen (12 years ago). However, he is plagued by the mystical inheritance from his family -- which has had many blessings and cursings over the years. As a result, he has extraordinary bad luck and good luck in equal amounts. He moved to Silicon Valley 3 years ago, and just joined Vampster.
Mosuhiro "Tad" Tadashi (played by Jim Chokey)
An accountant from Japan who's just barely graduated from some local school with a degree in Economics due to his exhuberant love for American college party life and who's working on post-completion practical training.
Drake Altus (played by Tyler Jordan)
Drake is a wealthy drug dealer, who has a headquarters on Russian Hill in San Francisco. He has the police in Redwood City (at least) well paid off, and a lot of gun-toting types who work for him.
Guapo Juarez (played by Daniel Ferrante)
A 22-year-old Brazilian immigrant, who was working as a junior system administrator at He is an acrobatic sort who is into Capoeira as well as clubbing.
Tiffany Annette Brookhill (played by Gen Lang)
Tiffany is the young daughter of wealthy parents in Marin who has spent the last few years, it seems, living a life of leisure and indulging in various drugs. Suddenly a few months ago when Sunnydale was destroyed, she became a Slayer.


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