Ars Magica 767 Characters

These are the characters from the Ars Magica 767 campaign, jokingly titled "No Rest for the Innocent". It was game-mastered by Joe Franecki, and played in Chicago, Illinois from 1996-1997.

Nicodemos (Nikos) Stephaniou (played by Mark Kobrak)
The practical of the two brothers,
Grigorios (Grigori) Stephaniou (played by Chris Lehrich)
The bookish brother of Nikos.
Idelle of Mainz (played by John Kim)
A seemingly-fragile young woman, a junior apprentice of Bonisagus, with hidden toughness but strong passive-aggressive tendencies.
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Harald (played by Liz Henry)
A Saxon man hired as a messenger by Bonisagus, who was made a werewolf by experiments on him from an early age.
Sigurd (played by Cullen Grace)
Sigurd was another apprentice of Bonisagus, strongest in Perdo and Auram, who was rebellious and strange to the rest of the group. Hid magic did not work underground, but he studied from vis more efficiently than his fellow magi. He also had a talent for learning mundane skills, but not magical arts, from books.


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