Seidr Rituals

         The following is a listing of some the rituals of Seidhr magic. It is more of a sampling than a complete list, however. Players should feel free to think of other potential effects and discuss it with the GM.


         Charms are simple magic workings which can be done with chanting and use of prepared materials.


Charm, Line of Sight
This covers any number of spirit curses which can affect the long-term fortunes of the target. The practitioner needs only to lock eyes with the target, at which point the curse takes effect. The practitioner marks the target, and invokes spirits who listen to her to work ill upon the target. This has no instant effect, but will instead come to pass over the next days, weeks, or even months. Common curses include:

As long as there is eye contact, the curse is always successful. The danger is that there is backlash. Some fraction of the curse will also happen to the practitioner. The practitioner makes a Ceremony roll:


Charm, Touch
This is a simple ritual representing the general healing arts of the practitioner. The practitioner pays 1 magic point, and that day will count as two days for the healing of a given target's wounds.

Illusion (sjonhverfing)

Charm, Touch
This is a simple ritual to fool the untrained eye. The practitioner pays 3 magic points, and for as long as she remains touching a single item, she can make it appear as something else. A person could appear as a goat or a rock, a sword could appear as a feather or a stick. The single catch is that this will not fool another practitioner, who can automatically see through the deception with second sight.


Charm, Line-of-sight
This is a charm to hold someone in place, unaware of the passage of time, for as long as the practitioner can lock eyes with the target. The practitioner must remain unmoving while this is in effect.


         A sending is a powerful ritual for which the practitioner must go into a trance upon a platform. It is helpful but not required for there to be singers who aid in the casting.


This creates an area of misdirection up to a mile across, where all familiar landmarks become confused. As long as the practitioner remains in a trance, any without second sight cannot find their way through this land.

Influence Animals

This influences a large group of animals to a general behavior, such as to flee or to violently charge. It can affect all of the animals within an area around a mile to a few miles across. The animals exact behavior cannot be controlled unless the practitioner has a material form to guide them (such as through shape-shifting -- see below). If so, then the material form must travel amongst the animals.

Influence Weather

This creates an area of storm, calm, fog, or other weather. It may be a mile to several miles across. It can move to follow a ship or party, but only if the practitioner has a material form to direct it (such as through shape-shifting -- see below). If so, then the material form must travel at the heart of the weather sending.


This is a powerful ritual by which the practitioner ventures forth in animal shape in the physical world. The animal can move and act as any animal of its type, but its toughness (i.e. hit points) is that of the practitioner. The animal can be distinguished because it has human eyes.

Take ghostly human shape

This is a powerful ritual by which the practitioner ventures forth in human shape in the physical world.


Protection (Gorningstakkr)

This is an enchantment ritual which produces a gorningstakkr ("witch's shirt") that is proof against iron, such as the one woven by Katla for her son Odd in the Eybyggja saga or the one woven by Ljot for her son Hrolleifr in Vatnsdoela saga. This requires a permanent investment of POW, however. Your permanent POW stat will decrease by the amount of protection the shirt gives (6 points will make it the equivalent of finest mail).

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