Beyond Role and Play

This is a book published in February 2004 for a role-playing convention called "Nodal Point" in various Scandinavian languages: Knutpunkt (Swedish), Knudepunkt (Danish), Knutepunkt (Norwegian), and Solmukohta (Finnish). They decided to publish a book on RPG theory for this year's convention in Helsinki, Finland. The printed book is digest-sized (8" x 6") and 304 pages, perfect-bound, with a photo of a sunrise over some unusual columns on the cover.

To order it, you should write email to the organizers. You should pay by PayPal. It is 12 euros per book (about $14.50 U.S. dollars) plus shipping and PayPal surcharge. Unfortunately, as of August 2004, it is out of print though used copies may be available somewhere. However, the electronic edition is now available for download.

Quick Information:

Beyond Role and Play
tools, toys and theory for harnessing the imagination

edited by Markus Montola, Jaako Stenros
forward by Frans Mäyrä
ISBN 952-91-6842-X (paperback)
ISBN 952-91-6843-8 (pdf)

Cover and Layout by Henri Hakkarainen

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