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Tear Gas

Dmg: Special, Type: Special, Acc: -1, Rmod: -2, STR Min: 1, Max: 5, RoF: 1:5, Amm: 15, Wt: --, Notes: See Effects.


Description: Alphachloroacetaphenone gas, also know as "tear gas" or "CN", was widely used by law enforcement before pepper spray replaced it as the chemical weapon of choice. CN gas typically comes in a pressurized canister with a button "trigger" at the top of the canister. The CN itself is in crystalline form and is suspended in an inert liquid. When the trigger is depressed and the agent expelled from the canister, the crystals become exposed to air and they quickly vaporize. This vapor is an irritant to membrane tissues, causing stinging pain and tearing, but takes several seconds to become effective.

Effects: A successful hit causes the target to suffer a -3 penalty to both REF-based skill rolls and sight-based Awareness rolls. A hit in the face delays the effect for 1 Turn. Hit on chest delays effect for 2 Turns. Any other location results in no effect.