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Optional Wealth Rules

The cost or value for Wealth depends on the level a character takes (see the table below). The default level is 4 for starting characters. Characters may purchase additional levels using the costs listed in the table below. Some suggested annual income levels (as well as alternate costs/values for those levels) are listed below. GMs are encouraged to determine the "average income" for their own campaign.

Characters may substitute their Wealth level for an attribute or skill in appropriate situations, at the GM's discretion. Such skill rolls could include those in social situations where the character's wealth is likely to influence the outcome or the opposing character's attitude or decision.

GMs may also use a simple skill roll to determine a character's ability to purchase an item, treating the character's Wealth as a sort of "credit rating" or "financial resource meter," of sorts. To make the roll, use the character's Wealth level in place of the normal Attribute + Skill. The GM should set the difficulty of the roll based on the value or cost of the item being sought, using the following guideline.

Value (up to) Difficulty (TN) Example
$500 Average (12) Stereo, suit
$5,000 Tricky (15) Computer, furniture, wardrobe
$50,000 Challenging (18) Car, trailer home
$500,000 Difficult (21) Single-family home, small jet/yacht
$5,000,000 Demanding (24) Estate/manor, large jet/yacht
$50,000,000 Extreme (27) Small island, priceless artifact
$500 million + Legendary (30) Ocean liner, crown jewels

Jake Lockley is the majority shareholder of a multi-national corporation and has a Wealth level of 9. Jake's player tells the GM that Jake wants to buy a new small private jet. Using the guide above, the GM sets the difficulty of the roll at Difficult. Jake's player rolls 3d6 (he rolls 13) and adds Jake's Wealth of 9, for a total of 22. After a few phone calls and signing and faxing a few forms, Jake is the proud owner of a new jet, which will be delivered to his private hangar in a few days.

Wealth Table

Lvl Cost Description Annual Income* 2001 U.S. 1940s U.S. Roaring '20s Victorian Era Feudal Japan
1 -10 Destitute <1/10 average <$5,000 <$500 <$37.50 <£7.5 <1 koku
2 -5 Poor 1/5 average $10,000 $1,000 $150 £30 2 koku
3 -2 Below average ½ average $25,000 $2,500 $375 £75 5 koku
4 0 Middle class 1x average $50,000 $5,000 $750 £150 2.5 ryô (10 koku)
5 1 Above average 2x average $100,000 $10,000 $1,500 £300 5 ryô (20 koku)
6 2 Upper-middle 5x average $250,000 $25,000 $3,750 £750 7.5 ryô (30 koku)
7 4 Well to do 10x average $500,000 $50,000 $7,500 £1,500 25 ryô (100 koku)
8 6 Upper class 20x average $1 Million $100,000 $15,000 £3,000 50 ryô (200 koku)
9 8 Rich 100x average $10 Million $500,000 $75,000 £15,000 250 ryô (1,000 koku)
10 10 Filthy rich 1,000x average $100 Billion $5 Million $750,000 £150,000 2,500 ryô (10,000 koku)